Is pain or stiffness bringing your entire life to a standstill? Are you feeling ten, twenty, or thirty years older than you are? Are you ready to push your body to do more, better, and faster so that you can enjoy your life again?

At Upright Health a combination of massage, therapeutic exercise, and carefully designed strength training techniques can help you get your life back, no matter how old your driver’s license says you are.

Clients come to Upright Health to:

  • relieve and solve back pain
  • undo knots in the neck
  • fix poor posture from bad habits and long periods at the computer
  • restore full range of motion to their shoulders
  • learn how to truly heal foot pain
  • resolve knee pain
  • address imbalances in muscle strength and activation to prevent injuries and boost performance
  • get rid of aching in the hips
  • put an end to nerve pain in their arms and hands
  • soothe burning, aching, and other kinds of pain in the shoulders and upper back
  • increase mobility for sports and daily life
  • improve flexibility
  • increase strength
  • fine-tune movement form for athletic performance
  • and maintain physical health to enjoy physical vitality and independence for life!

For better health

Poor posture from today's sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease in addition to making you far more susceptible to musculoskeletal injury. Keeping your muscles and connective tissues happy and training your body to move well helps you ensure that you have great quantity and quality of life -- whether you choose to spend your time climbing sheer cliff faces or lifting your kids up to reach the monkey bars.

For chronic pain

How long as has it been since you were last able to pick a box up off the floor without fear? Or run without worrying about your knee? Would you like to be able to walk for more than a few blocks without pain again or to be able to feel like your hands and feet are part of your body again? When your body's gotten out of alignment, you can get caught in a cycle of pain and further injury. By working with your muscular weaknesses and training your body to move better, you can get your body back on the right track.

For acute pain

If you've just twisted your knee on a 20 mile hike, a friend torqued your neck on the jiu jitsu mat, or a long day at the office set your back off into spasms, you need help and you need it yesterday. Rolfing® Structural Integration and the right kind of training can help you get back in your groove and then help you stay in that groove.


Susan at the Nike Half Marathon

You’ve heard the chorus before: “work your core,” “do more yoga,” or (the worst) “just rest more because you’re getting old.”  And you’ve seen what kind of results that gets.

Stop wasting time and start getting your body feeling better, today.

Upright Health offers orthopedic massage, Rolf Structural Integration, corrective exercise training/consulting, and personal training to help you wherever you are on your journey towards optimal health. Upright Health offers precision to help you get to your goals without wasting precious time and effort.

  • If you have a tweak that doesn’t seem to be healing, you’ll figure out how to get it back to normal.
  • If sitting in a chair is unconscionably uncomfortable, you’ll learn the how’s and why’s to fix the problem for good.
  • If your neck is hurting, you’ll learn how to take care of it before it before (or even after) an X-ray scares you into surgery.
  • If your posture seems to be getting worse by the day, you’ll learn how to trick your body into holding better posture without awkward and unnatural mental effort.
  • If you can’t run, swim, or enjoy your sports of choice because of pain or movement limitations, you’ll learn how to address your issues carefully, precisely and with often astoundingly fast results.
  • If you can’t get up out of a chair because your body feels too stiff, you’ll learn how to reprogram your body to do it as naturally as when you were a child.
  • If you feel lopsided, limp, or just feel generally uneven, you’ll learn the secrets to correcting your asymmetries.


Living with a shoulder that irritates day and night gets very frustrating. After 15 years of all kinds of medical investigations and treatments, I had given up hope that someone or something could relieve me from that awful and nagging pain (which also included an electric sensation from my neck to my shoulder and down to my fingertips). My newly working shoulder gives me renewed energy and desire to pick up sports after such a long time of being unable to be active. Above all, I enjoy having a good night’s rest. ~Frank von Harenberg, Age 65

After herniating a disc in my neck, I spent a year trying massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and physical therapy only to receive short term relief. The pain got so bad I couldn’t even sit down. After doing extensive searching on the internet I found Upright Health and it sounded promising. After the first visit with Matt, my pain decreased significantly. During my visits, Matt taught me everything that “I” could do at home to get rid of my pain. I no longer needed multiple appointments a week to receive minimal pain relief. Instead I could do it myself by following the exercises Matt set out for me. It is such a relief to know I can control my pain with a simple exercise routine. ~Jessica M.

I tore a disc in my lumbar spine in December 2009 and had nerve blocks, epidurals, pain killers, PT, acupuncture, swimming, massage therapy and Pilates out in the DC area for seven months and still couldn’t be out of the house for more than two hours, sit for more than 30 minutes or even walk my dog. I moved out to San Diego in August 2010 and found an excellent Pilates instructor who enabled me to be out of the house for several hours without using excessive pills…My goal when I saw Matt in late September 2010 was to dance at my wedding, and that gave him two weeks…He gave me plenty of exercises to do and I’ll be honest – at first I was doing every single one of them twice a day, but then I wanted more sleep, so I slacked off, BUT I did dance at my wedding! If you want someone who will make you feel like you’re getting pampered, don’t see Matt; go to a spa.  If, however, you want to get better and feel better, then please go see Matt. ~Sue S.


The work that Matt did with me changed my life, and this is no small statement. I came to Matt after a several year collection of knee surgeries, foot surgeries and other issues that had brought my ability to do the outdoor sports that I love to a painful, screeching halt. I love hiking for hours and miles in addition to all sorts of outdoor stuff, but it had gotten so painful that walking my dog sucked. I came to Matt without much in the way of expectations because the whole downhill ride had been littered with attempts to make my body feel better.  The exercises he gave me started to have a noticeable impact in a few weeks. After a couple of months I was at a place where I was (and am) able to do so much more than I had for a couple of years. This summer I enjoyed a 10-hour day of hiking in Sequoia National Park. I can’t say I wasn’t sore at all, and I won’t say that I feel as good as I did when I was 20, but I am miles from where I was, and I couldn’t have done that hike a year ago without screaming pain. ~Mark Underhill, CTO of Platformic, Inc. – currently on a trip around the world

…my hip pain is almost zero now. I am running, biking, and swimming. I have been able to do a 50 minute run with hill repeats, an hour long bike ride with sprints, and short pool sprints without any problems. ~Laura O, physical therapist

powerlifterWhat I liked most about my experience with Matt was that he doesn’t apply a one-size-fits-all solution to his clients. He recognized me as an individual with individual problems, and took his time to assess, test, and confirm problems/solutions. A little background. I’m a powerlifter. At 123lbs, I could deadlift 347lbs. But, I could not squat more than 225lbs. For those not familiar with powerlifting, this is a huge discrepancy. During the squat, I would experience a lateral (i.e. sideways) sway in my hips, so there was definitely some sort of left-right imbalance holding me back. On two occasions, this sway occurred so abruptly and violently that it decommissioned me from lifting for a week. I also had a brief endurance running kick. On high-mileage runs, I’d experience stress in my right hip-flexor, right glute, right quads, right knee, and left ankle. Lots of problems, and all of it happening only on ONE side at a time! What Matt realized, and should have been obvious to me, was that my left glute was lagging in strength and connection. He had me do a couple different unilateral (one-sided) exercises, and we saw that I could almost always do more with the right than the left. By the way, the exercises he prescribes are simple and safe, but still challenging and effective! Before, I had been told to just squat light and progress slowly, making sure I don’t sway. This didn’t work, because at lighter weights, my glutes could fire unevenly and still look balanced. I also had acupuncture done to release tension in the right side, which was nice, but I needed to be able to achieve tension on the left side. Chiropractic work addressed my spine a lot, but I have pretty good posture and hold my core nice and tight through everything. In the end, it came down to that left butt cheek, and Matt showed me how to connect with it again. Like an estranged child, ha! ~Mountain Chang, CEO of the Primal Professional



personal training flow with upright health in menlo park


Matt Hsu, Palo Alto Trainer and Orthopedic Massage

Egoscue Certified Posture Alignment Specialist, Certified Rolfer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, CAMTC #3800


Orthopedic Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer Matt Hsu has suffered with chronic pain all over his own body, and that’s what gives him the ability to understand your pain, troubleshoot your problems, and help you get stronger than you ever thought possible. With years of studying, experimentation, and tons of frustrating mistakes, he learned how to take his body from a pain-racked state of constant suffering to one of high level athleticism. He went from pain from things as simple as getting in and out of a shower to feeling the joy of explosive movements back on the ice as a hockey goalie.

With over a decade of experience with chronic pain in his own body, he truly understands pain, immobility, and the challenges of training an injured body. He knows what it’s like to suffer with constant, daily pain and restriction that stops you from enjoying life. He’s passionate about helping you get relief from pain and restriction in your body so that you can get back to the life you should be living.

Matt has talked for business networking groups around California, has guest lectured at San Diego State University, and has lectured at Google as part of the Tech Talk series. He also mentors trainers and bodyworkers around the country in the dynamics of pain and posture.

Matt has worked with people from all over the world who demand results: U.S. Navy SEALs, nurses, doctors, business owners, corporate attorneys, CPAs, and executives of companies like Yahoo!, Google, JP Morgan Chase, Chevron, and Kaiser Permanente. He’s worked with pro and amateur athletes, weekend warriors, and desk jockeys who enjoy their computer time. He’s worked with kids as young as seven and adults as old as ninety-two.

Josh Hash


Josh believes that movement and strength lead to a higher quality of life. He has helped everyone from soccer moms to athletes get stronger, reclaim proper movement and posture, and become more confident in every day life.

Over years of training and as a result of his own battles with pain from poor movement patterns, Josh has become more and more focused on helping people with chronic pain, poor posture, and muscle imbalances. Josh is certified as an Upright Health Upright Thinker following a 6 month mentoring and certification program – refining his knowledge of postural deviations, corrective exercise, and proper movement patterns.

Josh played for SFSU’s NCAA Div. II basketball team and was exposed to athletic movement on the court, track, and field, as well as in the weight room. He was fascinated by the art and science of training the human body and dove into the field as much as possible – reading books, blogs, and watching videos.

In 2013 he assisted with the Strength Training Program for the San Francisco State Track & Field team. And in 2014 Josh produced the Fix Lordosis Project, which has helped many people relieve stubborn back pain from an anterior pelvic tilt posture.

Kristen Fairchild

kristen fairchid certified personal trainer redwood cityKristen worked as a marketing manager for a high tech Silicon Valley company until her body gave out. What started as back pain turned into debilitating pain in her hips, shoulders, and knees. After two years of searching for answers, being diagnosed with spinal and hip pathologies, and being told that surgeries would be her only answers, she came to Upright Health.

Within months of beginning training, she got her life back without surgery. She is now passionate about helping others turn their lives around in the same way she did. Kristen is a certified Upright Health Trainer and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Kristen played competitive soccer and lacrosse in college and can now be found hiking, spinning, and lifting weights in her free time.

The Upright Health Team understands what it takes to help you get your life back.