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Beating pain with the right mindset

Welcome to the first ever Upright Health Podcast episode! Today’s topic: Beating Pain with the Right Mindset. If you approach pain from the wrong perspective, you’re guaranteed to live a life full of pain, pills, and increasing disability. Switch your perspective, and the results will improve drastically. Click below to listen to or download the […]

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Harry Potter and pain

I don’t read Harry Potter books, but I happened to stumble across this fantastic quote from JK Rowling in her book Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire.  I have no idea who says it or in what context, but I think it’s fantastic food for thought for those suffering with chronic or recurrent pain. […]

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Burn your pain as fuel

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” ~Kenji Miyazawa I came across this quote last week and found it particularly poignant. When I was in the worst throes of pain, I used to feel hopeless and helpless. There seemed to be nothing that could be done. The doctor’s orders were […]

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The diction of doom

The way the medical world views pain dooms its victims to failure. What’s shocking is that it stems from a lack of linguistic precision. Think about this example. Your friend is lying in bed, sweating and coughing and complaining of congestion. His temperature is 103 degrees. He feels dizzy and weak and occasionally cold. You […]

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Learn how food contributes to your pain

Are you a San Diegan suffering from chronic pain, looking for answers but finding nothing but half-truths, half-solutions, and half-baked ideas?

Come to a free workshop, hosted here at the Upright Health office! You’ll get vital information that will show you the way to get out of pain and get back to living your life! The evening will be one hour long with two information-packed talks by Samantha Hua of Happy Food Health and Matt Hsu of Upright Health.

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Solving pain means being stubborn

Pain is something I take very seriously. I have fought with repetitive strain injuries, joint weakness, sports injuries and seemingly inexplicable, crippling, and extremely tiring chronic pain of all kinds since I was 16 when an ocean wave did my back in. I know pain well, and I know that its causes are myriad! From my experiences with pain and my studies of various theories of pain, I can tell you three very important things. Here are the first two:

1. Pain happens for a reason.
2. You can beat it if you can figure out the reason.

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