Tired of your stiff hips?

You can unlock them starting today.

(And it doesn't involve expensive pills or surgery)

Healthy Hips 1 will save you time and help you loosen those stiff hips!

At Upright Health, we work with people with hip issues every day of the year. We designed Healthy Hips 1 to take you through fundamental stretches and exercises that we use to build a solid foundation for all of our clients at Upright Health.

"I can’t recommend Matt and Upright Health enough to anybody with similar hip and back related pain/mobility issues." ~Tom

This program is for you if you want to...

  • Free your stiff hips​
  • Make your hips feel more even
  • Improve external rotation of your hips so you can sit cross legged
  • Improve hip internal rotation so you can flex your hips without pain
  • Reduce tightness in your hamstrings so you can touch your toes
  • Improve your ability to squat deep the way every human body should!
  • Relieve tension in your inner thighs
  • Resolve tightness in your glutes
  • Eliminate little pops and cracks in your hips
  • Feel stronger and younger!

Healthy Hips 1 will help you quickly

You could spend all your time searching on the internet for various stretches and why and how to do them. Or you could get started now.


A simple routine helps you get started quickly


Exercises that are tried and true so you know you aren't wasting time

Easy to Follow

Written and video instructions for every exercise

Get instant access to HEALTHY HIPS 1 now!

This printable PDF with links to detailed instructional videos will have your stiff hips moving again!

Stop wasting time!

Action is what makes the difference. You’ve already spent countless hours on the internet looking for ways to improve your hip mobility. You’ve done some hamstring stretches. You’ve done some standing quad stretches. And you still feel like things just aren’t moving the way you want them to.

Don't get paralyzed. It seems like there are thousands of different videos all telling you to do different things, and everyone seems to have a different take. In the end, you’re left confused and without direction. This leads to inconsistency and, ultimately, a lack of results 

Healthy Hips 1 simplifies that for you.  The program explains the how’s and why’s so you understand what to do and why you need to do it consistently to help your body move better. It explains the timing, the structure, and how to create a reasonable program that you can follow at home, on your own.

Every time I think about the change this has made in my life I nearly cry.

I am 45 and I am 60+ pounds overweight. As a seasoned paramedic I know just enough about the healthcare system to be very skeptical and enough about kinesiology to be dangerous. I got one X-ray and was told to book an appointment with surgeon to discuss my “options.” I was beyond depressed as I started to prepare my fat body for intubation and invasive surgery. I was in a dark place man...

I found your youtube video on squats with a resistance band. While laughing, I tried it…I did 5 reps and my hip pain improved by 25%...Yeah 25%!

I bought Healthy Hip 1, and I am working through it, and IT IS CHANGING MY LIFE!

I went from needing a cane and walking less than 1000 steps per day to standing at my desk most of the day and 3-5000 steps at a time.

I was taking 2000 mg of Motrin every day to get through it. I have not taken anything for pain in WEEKS. In fact now when I’m in pain it’s a trigger to do the workouts.

My hips barely hurt while walking. Now they are tight when I have ben sitting too long.

Every time I think about the change this has made in my life I nearly cry. Since finding your program and eliminating almost all of my hip pain I have taken on a small workout routine and have committed to losing 50 pounds this year. I have lost 18 so far!

Jason P.

I’ve been doing the Healthy Hips I stretches and exercises the last two days and I already feel SO MUCH BETTER.

After 5 years of trying with PT and rolfing and pilates and yoga, this is amazing (for multiple reasons, not the least of which is – why aren’t those other practitioners clued in to this stuff?)…You know how you don’t know something is hurting until it stops? I’m feeling THAT kind of better. In addition to the kind where you know very well it was hurting before!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Wow! That pretty much sums up my experience thus far at Upright Health. There’s few times in my life where I would feel this excited to write a review, but I guess there’s a first time for everything :).

Matt is one of the few practitioners that not only know what they are doing, but has suffered from the same problems and has overcome them on his own. That’s very powerful.



You get the answers you need for the hips you want.

With 15 separate exercises each with its own written and video instructions, it's like we're right there with you. 

With a PDF handbook with links to videos from our exclusive video library, you'll have the next best thing to having us there with you! (sessions with us are $120-230 per hour)

And you'll receive your book RIGHT AWAY in your inbox so you can start today!

This is an incredible value for your stiff hips

When we people come to train with me in the Bay Area, they pay $150-$300 per hour. 

This program gives you hours of coaching at a fraction of the cost!

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

If this program doesn’t work for you, you don’t like it, or you realize you need to use your money toward a session with someone to help you one-on-one, just email us for a full refund! We are dedicated to helping you get more mobile hips – PERIOD.

I woke up one morning in January 2016 with nagging anterior hip pain. 3 days later I couldn’t get out of bed or walk without crying in pain. 3 weeks later an MRI showed bilateral labral tears in both hips,

It is now 7 months since the day I could not even get out of bed without excruciating pain. I am playing ice hockey and feel stronger on my skates, and am less likely to fall when battling another player for the puck. I feel like everything is easier, swimming, skating, yoga. I am a better skater than ever.

I also am better at pinpointing and troubleshooting my own hip issues. I put in my part and since this began I have not skipped my exercises to keep me healthy. But I wouldn’t be where I am without Upright Health.


All of the experts I saw had a one size fits all approach, except for Matt.

I tried everything to fix the problem. I went to many, many physical therapists and trainers and none of them were able to improve my hip mobility. I even went to see Kelly Starett’s protege at San Francisco Crossfit, known for being mobility experts.

I thought for sure my hips were not normal and I could never have good mobility. That has all changed. I still have a long way to go, but I am doing things now that I never thought I would be able to do – pain free!


I had been challenged by hip mobility for many years as the result of an inflammatory condition. Pain was just part of a typical day – which was incredibly draining.

I had a significant improvement in flexibility and reduction in pain, and the ongoing impact as I practice these moves is life changing. Can’t recommend Matt and Upright Health enough to anybody with similar hip and back related pain/mobility issues.







Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is there a hard copy version of this?

Will this help if I'm already really flexible?

Is this safe to do even if I'm older?

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This program either helps you, or you get your money back so you can get the help you need. It’s that simple.

Thank you for creating the Healthy Hips Programs. They have literally changed my life. I have pregnancy-induced hip dysfunction (from three years ago) that only your programs have been able to cure. So thank you, thank you!


Get instant access to HEALTHY HIPS 1 now!

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