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Personalized Coaching and Training via Skype

We can help you train smarter - online.

Skype sessions give you the opportunity to work with the experts at Upright Health without having to get on a plane to get to us in Redwood City, California. Via Skype, we'll meet with you to discuss your goals and issues and provide you with our insight to move you forward. 

Whether you're in Beijing, Mumbai, Munich, Minneapolis, Dubai, or Vancouver, we're just a click away!

Our Clients are Worldwide!

What is a Skype session like? 

Our clients are unique, so every session is unique. The basic format of any session is to 

  1. Identify your goals
  2. Identify your roadblocks
  3. Show you what you can do to adjust and improve things right away

For clients with posture and movement issues, detailed coaching on proper movement patterns is usually a big part of the session. 

For clients who are experienced with working out and various exercises, more time may be spent on programming.

Session content will depend on your needs and your goals. 

Is Skype coaching effective?

Yes. The success of this program relies on you sticking to your homework and giving us feedback so we can adjust your routines to consistently improve your body.

The Skype clients who see the most success are those who are receptive to actively applying our training regimens and who are ready to work for the long term.

We recommend a minimum of three to five sessions to ensure that we have to time to make headway on your roadblocks. Your first appointments are generally scheduled within a 2 month period to ensure accountability and progress. 

skype session with matt


What do you need to succeed in a Skype Session?

kristen doing skype training
  • An open area where you can sit, stand, lie down, and walk a few paces.
  • A softball and/or a foam roller.
  • A comfortable cushion or pad to use for padding in case you need to do a stretch on the floor.
  • As sessions progress, a set of dumbbells in varying weights up to at least 25 pounds/10kg is highly recommended (50 pounds or 20kg is even better). If no weights are available, some improvised substitutes can be used, but access to a gym with dumbbells and/or barbells is often necessary to make progress.

What are the limitations of Skype sessions?

The biggest challenge with Skype is that we can't touch you. Touch can be a huge help for us in giving you movement cues. It's also very helpful to see how tight or atrophied certain muscles may be on you. We have developed ways around these issues, but it's definitely easier when you're standing in front of us!

Equipment is the other big issue. If you're a total beginner with a lot of movement restrictions and pain, you generally just need a few things to help with your flexibility and mobility work. As long as you're willing to buy a few things to use at home, there won't be much problem doing anything. 

In later sessions, we will want to challenge you to do harder things with resistance, and that is where we may run into limits. As your coordination and mobility improve and you get into your intermediate sessions, you'll need to have access to weights to help your body stabilize and strengthen. This is why we recommend getting adjustable dumbbells at home. If you don't have dumbbells at home, access to a workout facility where you can meet with us and talk with us through a webcam can work as well. 

If you're advanced/someone who is looking to work on specific powerlifting or other more athletic endeavors, access to the actual equipment at the time of the Skype session is almost 100% required for us to be maximally helpful. 

In cases where you've advanced to a point where know we cannot coach you effectively, we will suggest you get in-person coaching from someone local to you (or fly in to see us!). 

skype session with josh