Rolfing and Orthopedic Massage in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, San Diego

Rolfing® Structural Integration and Orthopedic Massage

Bodywork to realign your body, relieve chronic aches and pains, and keep your body ready for action!

A session of Rolfing or Orthopedic Massage can be an excellent way to break up chronic tension, relieve pain, and drastically improve posture.

If you've been looking for massage and bodywork that truly addresses the root causes of your aches and pains, Upright Health is the place you want to be.

You'll be getting work done to help restore range of motion, improve your posture, and get you feeling younger, stronger, and healthier.

This is bodywork that unwinds areas of unnecessary tightness so that your joints move toward their ideal positions and you become able to move with more flow and efficiency.  Whether it’s a chronically aching shoulder or an ankle that stopped feeling right fifteen years ago, massage and bodywork at Upright Health can help you resolve the imbalances and compensations in your connective and muscular tissues.

Massage and bodywork at Upright Health can:

  • relieve shoulder pain
  • restore range of motion to tight, seized up ankles
  • release tightness and tension around the hips and in the groin
  • increase flexibility in the hips and shoulders
  • improve your posture
  • relieve pain in the soles of the feet from "plantar fasciitis"
  • reduce spinal stiffness
  • ease the stiffness and pain of arthritis in the hands, feet, and knees
  • improve circulation
  • boost your energy level
  • help you recover from post-workout/competition soreness and tightness
  • relieve lower and upper back pain
  • undo cricks in the neck
  • relieve pain in the knees
  • and prepare your body to do more than you thought possible

By combining the principles of Rolfing structural integration with smart personal training, we can help you face the world standing tall and confident!

Better Posture
Shortened, tightened, dried up connective and muscle tissue can keep your body stuck in a hunch. Rolfing helps unstick the sticky stuff and rehydrate the dry stuff, restoring your ability to stand taller and move better.
Better Posture
Shortened, tightened, dried up connective and muscle tissue can keep your body stuck in a hunch. Rolfing helps unstick the sticky stuff and rehydrate the dry stuff, restoring your ability to stand taller and move better.
Better Healing
Long-standing muscle pulls and tweaks of joints can leave you feeling fragile, unstable, and irritable! Addressing the whole-body patterns that pull you (and all your parts) out of proper alignment helps you resolve lingering and recurring aches and pains and gets you on the road toward better health.
Better Performance
Whether it's golf, crossfit, hockey, triathlons, jiu jitsu, weightlifting or mountain climbing, your muscle and connective tissue can stiffen up in ways that are uncomfortable in the short term and dangerous in the long term. Sessions at regular intervals keep you limber, mobile, and well-aligned for peak performance. 

Matt Hsu made me better than new! Here’s how: I am a marathon runner. No medals, but I complete the course in time to get the hat and the T-shirt. I can still say this because of Matt Hsu.

In February, 2010, I sustained a 60% compression fracture of one of my thoracic vertebrae. As I began to recover, I seriously questioned whether I would ever be able to run a mile again, much less a full marathon. I’m not saying that it happened immediately, but it’s now October of 2010 and I can run 26 miles again.

Michael B., Certified Advanced Rolfer

What to expect
Sessions are done with you in shorts and a shirt, tank top, or sports bra. This allows you to move and perform exercises comfortably and naturally to help identify and release areas of tension. Lotions are  never used, so you don't have to worry about having to rush home to shower.

When areas of tightness seem to be causing you issues, they are addressed. When weak muscles are actually causing movement dysfunctions and pain, you'll also be in good hands.

Bodywork alone can be fantastic. But when bodywork alone doesn't help you make progress, you need someone knowledgeable about strength and agility training and proper exercise selection for your issues.

And that's what our small, elite group of personal trainers does.
You'll learn how to get out of pain and stay out of pain with techniques that strengthen and stabilize healthy movement patterns. That way the pain you do experience is the kind that comes from a good workout, and not from undue wear and tear on the body.

While walking my knee felt uncomfortable. My leg muscles were in disarray because of stress and strain. Some muscles were too short and were causing erratic movements in my knee.
I was looking for a new technique that would help my knee be more stable, and I found out Rolfing could do that after investigating it on the web.
I went to see Matt and, surprisingly, after a few touches, pressing here and there, and exercises, the alignment and functioning of the knee while walking got better.
After doing excercises given to me as homework, my knee wobbling and stability are practically gone. This has allowed me to feel better and walk better -- in addition to being able to add a weight training program to my life -- and I will soon be getting back on the tennis court.

Alberto Escobosa Cadena, Owner of Hotel Del Sol in Mazatlan, Mexico

Rolfing is often experienced in a set of 10 sessions.  At Upright Health, Rolfing is tailored to your unique needs (overall fitness, activity level, etc.). The number of sessions is determined by your goals and by how your body responds.

Rolfing creates the potential to move well. Smart personal training can help you take advantage of the opportunity for increased strength, mobility, and stability.