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Beginner’s Simple Shoulder Mobility Routine


Beginner’s Simple Shoulder Mobility Routine


Shoulders locked up and stiff?

Relieve the tension with the Beginners Shoulder Mobility Routine.

This online video course will introduce you to simple, safe movements that will help you gain better control over your shoulders. You'll learn 10 simple, safe exercises to help you gently and gradually restore range of motion to your shoulders!



Tired of being told that you should just rest your shoulders? That you're just too old to have healthy shoulders? Want to do something safe and gentle to restore shoulder mobility?

There's nothing quite like shoulder stiffness. The frustration of having to sit on the sidelines of life while other people pick things up for you...asking other people to get the dishes out of the cupboard...feeling like turning the steering wheel a little bit too hard to the right is going to set your shoulder off...

That's not the way shoulders are supposed to feel! 

At Upright Health we train people with shoulder issues on a regular basis. Our clients are people who live normal lives, working normal jobs. Some of them are executives running big companies. Some of them are doctors helping people fend off disease. Some are students getting through undergrad or law school. Some are retirees who want to be able to play catch with their grandkids so they can stay engaged in their lives. 

We know that having stiff shoulders is a huge drag.

A lot of folks in the fitness industry think that the best way to get fit is to push you to do all the hard stuff. Do pushups! Do bench press! Do all kinds of heavy exercises, and you're going to feel great! you follow the advice for a few weeks, and then you end up injured! 

And then in the medical world, you'll hear the opposite: stop moving! Don't use your shoulder anymore or it'll break down even faster!

So you don't move it. And you notice that it doesn't really improve. It just sort of stays painful and annoyed. Sometimes it might even feel worse! 

This routine is going to help you move again.

The Beginner's Shoulder Mobility Routine

Designed to be simple, easy to follow, and appropriate for total beginners!

  • Appropriate for ANY age - whether you're 19 or 91, the exercises are simple, easy, and can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Includes clear video instructions - you'll have step-by-step instructions for all 10 exercises. It's like having a personal coach right there with you. 
  • Designed with stiff shoulders in mind - this program will ensure you gradually and safely increase your shoulder range of motion.


This program is backed by the Upright Guarantee. We do our best to create programs that are right fit for people at varying levels. If you find that this program is not right for you, just shoot us an email, and we'll refund you right away (and try to help you find a program that will work better for your needs)! 


Free your stiff shoulders with a simple, safe program. We've had shoulder problems and personally know the frustration you're feeling. And our experience working with people with shoulder problems can help you solve yours!