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frank personal training client with shoulder pain

Mary W.

I came to Upright Health with chronic pain in my upper back, neck, and shoulders from years of slumping in front of computers. I had been to physical therapy multiple times, tried acupuncture and a chiropractor, and spent lots of time with a massage therapist. A couple of the physical therapists were really good and got the pain to stop – but then they would pronounce me “done” – and a month or two later the pain would return.

Clearly, I needed to make long term changes to what I was doing to my body...It’s now been a year and I still work out every other week with Josh.

I am so much stronger everywhere, especially in my upper back, and I can dead lift 150 pounds. My shoulders are no longer stuck in a forward slump, and they move like they’re supposed to.

Most importantly though, Josh gave me the tools to help myself. When my body starts to hurt, I can identify what I’ve done to bring it on and what to do on my own to fix it...Thanks, Upright Health, for giving me my life back!

With careful application of key strategies, we help you free yourself of movement limitations, pain, and weakness.


Strategically applied massage techniques help your muscles relax and function better.


Restoring flexibility helps realign your body for better performance.


Waking up dormant muscles and strengthening them in balance with others muscles makes you more resilient for all that life throws your way.

What to expect from our personal trainers

As corrective exercise personal trainers, we won't give you the same old routines that you've gotten a hundred times. You won't be told that "it's just your core" or that "you're just getting old."

We help you build strength, improve your mobility, and realign your body for better health and a better life.

Sessions are a team effort to help you establish the strength and coordination to move in ways that are more efficient and more healthy for your body. Your observations and your input guide you safely to your fitness and strength goals. You’ll finally remove the restrictions and weaknesses that keep you from feeling your best.

Sessions generally start at once or twice per week. At each session, your workouts and home exercise assignments will be adjusted to help you resolve dysfunctions that keep you from feeling, looking, and moving well.

Workouts are constantly fine tuned to address new issues as they arise. You’ll avoid injuries and keep getting stronger, better, and healthier than you were the week before.

frank personal training client with shoulder pain

Adam D'Angelo

Co-founder and CEO of Quora, Inc.

A friend referred me to Upright Health because my left shoulder was in a constant spasm and the fingers of my left hand were going numb. MRIs had indicated I had cervical spine pathology, and three different doctors I consulted with expected that surgery would be the only solution and there was not much else I could do...

In the first session with Matt, there was an obvious improvement in my hand and neck symptoms. After a month or two I was feeling very good and no longer suffered the distraction of pain and numbness during my busy workdays.

I’ve been training with Matt since early 2016, and my neck and hand barely ever bother me anymore. This frees me to focus my mental energy on my work without worrying about whether my body is going to be the limiter in the productivity or enjoyment of any given day or week!

What to expect from consistent training

Ability to lift heavy objects without fear

Better posture

Fewer aches and pains

More confidence in your daily life

Better balance

Increased strength

Smoother, easier movement in daily life

Increased energy levels

Ability to sit, stand, and take the stairs with ease

More flexibility and agility

sally senior age personal training client

Sally Cadigan

Retired, Age 80

Working with Upright Health was, at my age, not something I’d ever consider except at the urging of my adult children. At age 79, I’d been struggling with knee pain for decades. Fifteen years ago, with results from scans and x-rays, doctors told me it was arthritis and that there was little I could do to improve it...

I once bought into the view of myself as an extremely elderly, out of shape adult. Now I see that I’ve gained much more strength, at my age, than I even thought possible.

Things that used to be hard, like walking up and down stairs, are getting easier and easier. My balance has noticeably improved.

My message: don’t wait until you are nearly 80 to begin working with Upright Health. It’s way better if you start much earlier. But even if you wait until your late 70s, as I did, it’s incredibly helpful! I’d encourage you, at any age, to go for it!

What personal training with us costs

Pay per session

$130 - $300 / session

Price varies by trainer

  • Good if you have simple questions and a solid foundation and background in movement / exercise.
  • Good way to see if you like the way we think and work.
  • Works best on an as-needed basis
  • Not ideal if you have a longstanding issue that could potentially take a while to figure out.

Total cost: Varies

12 session program

$122 / session

Available with all trainers except Matt

  • Make lasting changes at a gradual, safe pace.
  • Motivates you to stay on track, accountable, and working toward your goals.
  • Saves you money while you're working towards your goals!
  • Works best on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule
  • Larger upfront investment.

Total cost: $1465

frank personal training client with shoulder pain

Frank von Harenberg

Age 65, Retired

Living with a shoulder that irritates day and night gets very frustrating. After 15 years of all kinds of medical investigations and treatments, I had given up hope that someone or something could relieve me from that awful and nagging pain (which also included an electric sensation from my neck to my shoulder and down to my fingertips).

My newly working shoulder gives me renewed energy and desire to pick up sports after such a long time of being unable to be active. Above all, I enjoy having a good night’s rest.