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Upright Health's unique PACT personal training system helps you get stronger safely. PACT stands for Posture, Alignment, and Coordination Training, and it's the secret ingredient to our clients' success.

We know how frustrating it is to try to solve your body's problems because we've been there. That's why we work to systematically identify and address your individual needs. With careful application of key strategies, we help you free yourself of movement limitations, pain, and weakness.

As orthopedic personal trainers, we won't give you the same old routines that you've gotten a hundred times. You won't be told that "it's just your core" or that "you're just getting old." We help you build strength, improve your mobility, and realign your body for better health and a better life.

We look for real solutions based on your movement patterns, your history, and your life.


Strategically applied massage techniques help your muscles relax and function better.


Restoring flexibility helps realign your body for better performance.


Waking up dormant muscles and strengthening them in balance with others muscles makes you more resilient for all that life throws your way.

Joan was suffering with debilitating hip pain. She was walking with a cane. She had already seen her doctor and tried physical therapy but nothing relieved the pain or restored her mobility. She came to Upright Health because she'd heard of Rolf Structural Integration and thought tissue work might help her. By relieving tension in her muscle and connective tissues she gained mobility. With proper personalized training and self-care techniques, she learned how to prepare her body for a happy, healthy life.

Executives and managers all around Silicon Valley count on us to keep their bodies strong, mobile, and healthy!

The story of P.A.C.T.

matt hsu personal trainer with a client

Matt Hsu, the founder of Upright Health, developed the Posture Alignment and Coordination Training philosophy to help those who were suffering like he had. Over 10 years of chronic pain that spread from his back to his hips, to shoulder to wrists, hands, elbows, knees, calves, and feet forced him to find answers.

After years of experimentation with traditional ideas of rest and rehab, his body was worse off than when he started.

Once he stumbled upon Rolf Structural Integration, he found a key piece of the puzzle. He realized that working with muscles could strongly and positively affect joint mechanics.

He kept seeking answers for himself and for his clients by studying Postural Therapy from Egoscue University, Personal Training and Corrective Exercise from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and Orthopedic Exercise from the American Council of Exercise.

He read everything that crossed his path, watched every video he stumbled upon, and spent years experimenting with his own body to separate the fact from the faction.

P.A.C.T. is the culmination of years of trial and error and constant research. It's a personalized personal training philosophy that has now helped thousands of people around the world improve their lives in the face of seemingly insurmountable medical diagnoses.

Susan, personal training client, at the Nike Half MarathonWhen I was 30, I ran the NYC marathon. I finished it, smiling, but when I stopped, the pain in my right knee felt like I was being stabbed with a knife, and I almost fell to the ground. It took months to heal. Over the next few years, I had 2 kids, nourished a busy career, and tried to get back into running. Every time I did, I got silly but limiting injuries like shin splints or achilles tendonitis for which the cure was to stop running.

Now I’m about to turn 40 and decided to sign up for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco (a Tiffany necklace presented by a firefighter at the finish line served as motivation!). A friend of mine told me about Rolfing and how it had significantly improved her posture and her life. I found Matt Hsu online. I was hoping for a painful, yet passive “fix” to my ongoing knee and running problems.

Instead, Matt systematically considered the mechanics of my whole body and began recommending strengthening, stretching, and foam rolling exercises that targeted not only my knees, but seemingly distant muscle groups that ultimately had a direct impact on my pain. There were moments of discouragement when new problem spots seemed to appear out of nowhere, but Matt used these as clues which led to a more complete assessment of the underlying causes – and thereby correction – of my running pains. After just 2 months working with him, I was shocked to able to run long mileage without pain.

When I actually ran the half marathon, I cried for the last 3 miles because I knew I was going to finish after all. Now I know I can reincorporate running back into my life, injury-free. I really don’t think I could have finished the race or signed up for the next one without his advice.

~Susan L., M.D.


kristen-helping-brianSessions are a team effort to help you establish the strength and coordination to move in ways that are more efficient and more healthy for your body.  Your observations and your input guide you safely to your fitness and strength goals. You’ll finally remove the restrictions and weaknesses that keep you from feeling your best. 

A positive trend is almost always obvious within the first month.

Sessions generally start at once or twice per week. At each session, your workouts and home exercise assignments will be adjusted to help you resolve  dysfunctions that keep you from feeling, looking, and moving well.

Because muscle weaknesses and imbalances are the product of years of cumulative injury and habitual misuse, P.A.C.T. is best done consistently over time to thoroughly address the dysfunctions throughout your body so you stay pain free and moving well for life. Workouts are constantly fine tuned to address new issues as they arise. You’ll avoid injuries and keep getting stronger, better, and healthier than you were the week before.


Living with a shoulder that irritates day and night gets very frustrating. After 15 years of all kinds of medical investigations and treatments, I had given up hope that someone or something could relieve me from that awful and nagging pain (which also included an electric sensation from my neck to my shoulder and down to my fingertips). My newly working shoulder gives me renewed energy and desire to pick up sports after such a long time of being unable to be active. Above all, I enjoy having a good night’s rest.

~Frank von Harenberg, Age 65

frank personal training client with chronic shoulder pain


  • The ability to lift heavy objects without fear
  • Better posture
  • Less pain during the day and night
  • Higher levels of confidence
  • Improved balance
  • Increased strength
  • Smoother, more graceful movement
  • Dramatically raised energy levels
  • More agility and flexibility
  • Ability to sit and stand with ease
  • The strange sensation that you’re getting younger!


Whatever your problems and wherever you are, we can help.


If you can come to us for personalized orthopedic training here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we're excited to see you get stronger and healthier with us. We're in Redwood City and are convenient to San Carlos, Belmont, San Mateo, Burlingame Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View. For those visiting from out of town, we're conveniently located walking distance from a Caltrain station and are also just off the 101 freeway.


If you aren't nearby and can't fly in to see us, we can still help you online via Skype. Online sessions are good to help you troubleshoot your issues and get started on the right path. You still get the same insight and critical thinking from our trainers as you would in person. The only difference is we're in a different room, and you'll need to get some training equipment. Homework and other guidance is provided to help you stay accountable and make progress.

Find out more about Skype sessions

Pay Per Session
Per Session
Available with all trainers

Total Cost
$120-230 ea

Generally recommended session timing
As Needed

How long you will training be with us
1-8 Weeks

Is it right for you?

You have simple training questions and issues that seem to be solvable quickly, and you have solid foundation of exercise experience to draw upon.

For Example: Steve has been active for years, but he has a nagging shoulder issue that slows him down. It responds quickly to deep tissue work, stretching, and strengthening work. He has his own fitness regimen that is otherwise working quite well for him. Once he's learned a few good stretches and self-massage techniques, he's able to get back to his workouts (and his life!).

12 Session Package
Per Session
Available with Josh and Vincent only

Total Cost
$1320 total

Generally recommended session timing
1 Per Week

How long you will training be with us
3 months

Is it right for you?

You are looking to make lasting changes at a gradual, safe pace. Weekly sessions keep you motivated, accountable, and making progress.

For Example: Erica gets back and hip pain at seemingly random times. She wants to improve her posture. She's tried chiropractic and massage, but nothing seems to reliably prevent problems. She does yoga, but that sometimes makes things worse. A consistent course of targeted strength and mobility training starts her moving in the right direction -improving her posture, strength, and comfort levels.

24 Session Package
Per Session
Available with Josh and Vincent only

Total Cost
$2400 total

Generally recommended session timing
1-2 Per Week

How long you will training be with us
3-6 months

Is it right for you?

You have many things you're trying to improve. Increased session frequency ensures you learn good form and can adapt to your body's constant changes.

For Example: Sam has been trying to get his quality of life back. He has knee, hip, back, and shoulder issues. He doesn't have much background in careful exercise and finds basic movements very challenging. His goals are best met with more frequent sessions to help him establish healthy movement patterns, identify triggers, and develop individualized strategies to keep moving forward.