Self-Help for back, hip, and shoulder issues

Do It Yourself Programs


It's your body, and we want you to know how to work with it!

Sometimes scheduling time to meet with us online or in person is just impossible. Sometimes you just need a little bit of extra knowledge to get yourself to that next level.

That's why we've created DIY programs to help you make principled decisions about your own body.

Our programs deliver.

We want every program to feel like we're right there with you.

We work with individuals one on one on a daily basis. Our experience is based on work with real people like you, so we are always working to make sure we're adapting and evolving our programs to meet your needs.


We have programs that are suitable for your level of mobility and strength.


We explain the how's and why's so you can make good decisions.


We base our programs on the real-world results we get in our studio.

Groundbreaking Programs

These are the DIY programs that have been helping thousands of people solve their hip and shoulder issues. Find out more about all three of these programs on their own separate websites.

PDF/Video format

This is the original format of all our DIY programs. These are simple programs with instant PDF downloads and links to videos so that you can learn at your own pace wherever you are. Healthy Hips 1 is still one of the most popular programs!

New online video course format

As part of our commitment to delivering the best possible programs to our customers, the format of future courses is user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and body-friendly. These courses have integrated video content and step-by-step lessons to help you learn and move even better!


Professional Development

Courses to help health professionals make a big impact in the lives of the people they work with.


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