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Do It Yourself


Sometimes individual coaching isn't feasible. Sometimes you just need a little bit of extra knowledge to get yourself to the next level.

Whatever your goal, we want to help you achieve it.

Learn how to roll
and release your Own knots!

Try a free course and save  yourself thousands of dollars in massage appointments

Our Programs Deliver

We create our courses and programs based on the  daily one-on-one training we do with our clients. We adapt and evolve our programs to meet the needs of real people like youAnd of course everything is designed to work on all modern browsers and devices.


We have programs that are    suitable for your level of mobility and strength.


We explain the how's and why's so you can make good decisions.


We base our programs on the real-world results we get in our studio.

Our Newest Programs

We want to help you understand your body and how you can take care of it. When we see an area where people need help, we develop principled, cost-effective solutions and make them available as quickly as we can.

Perfect Posture Principles

You want better posture, but it's hard to make sense of everything you hear and read. Chiropractors, trainers, and posture gurus all seem to have conflicting advice.

This online video course clears up the confusion and shows you concrete steps to improving your posture - no matter where you're starting from.

1UP Bodyweight Training

Want to build strength strength safely? Tired of getting hurt with programs designed for soldiers or fitness models?  Want to enjoy daily life with confidence?

Minimal equipment. Realistic time. Practical bodyweight training to get your life back.

The Back Pain Fix

Your back keeps getting hurt. Massages, chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy aren't working. 

You need a long term solution to help you solve your back pain yourself. You want to learn how to identify and address the muscular issues causing your back pain. 

UprightLive Whole Body 

Train your hips, legs, spine, shoulders, and arms.

Improve your posture, strength, and mobility.

Live streamed classes in the comfort of your own home.
Expert program design, coaching, and cues.

Archived classes and weekly Q+A sessions for members only! 

Our Мost Popular
Оnline Training Programs

These are the comprehensive DIY programs that have been helping thousands of people solve their hip and shoulder issues. These programs are available as online courses with workbooks and detailed video instructions to help you solve your pain, mobility, and strength issues.

Get Access to Our Exercise Library with hundreds of exclusive videos with

the upright insider program

The Shoulder Fix

Do you have pain when raising your arms overhead or to your sides? Do your shoulders or neck ache on a daily basis? Have you tried massage, chiropractic, and just about everything with no lasting results? The Shoulder Fix will teach you how to retrain your shoulders to be mobile and pain free - for life!

Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt Program

Are your tight hips keeping you from pursuing the physical activities you love? Do you wish you could exercise without feeling pinching sensations in your hips and lower back? The Fix Anterior Tilt teaches you how to retrain your body to move with better pelvic alignment and without pain.

The Hunchback Fix

Tired of struggling with poor posture in your mid and upper back? Want to learn simple, practical exercises you can use to follow workout and tips for daily life to help you get rid of that hunchback. And you don't need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on never-ending appointments!  

The FAI Fix (Femoroacetabular Impingement / Hip impingement)

Have you been diagnosed with FAI and told your only option is hip surgery? Have you already had surgery and find yourself still suffering with hip pain and mobility issues? Do you refuse to accept "you have to live with this"? The FAI Fix teaches you exercises that will help you restore control, comfort, and confidence in your hips again.

Mind Your Mind

Corrective exercise is powerful, but sometimes you need to go deeper. To address constant stress and tension, improve your posture, and gain full control over your body, you need to address what's going on in your brain! 

The Deadlift Fix

Struggling to learn how to deadlift? Tired of getting hurt every time you add deadlifts back into your workout routine? 

This comprehensive system will teach you how to train for perfect deadlift form - so you can deadlift injury free for life.

beginner pDF programs

These easy-to-follow programs come as instant PDF downloads  with links to videos. Once you download the PDF, you can learn at your own pace wherever you are. Healthy Hips 1 is still one of our most popular programs!

Sitting Solution:

A Workout for the 

Chronic Sitter

Have you ever gotten out

of a chair and realized how

stiff you feel from sitting so

much?Do you wish you

 could learnhow to reduce

the damage you know is

being  done by all that

sitting? The Sitting Solution

is perfect for those who want

to learn simple exercises to

reduce the negative effects

of chronic sitting.

Healthy Hips 1:Restore

Fundamental Mobility

and Basic Strength

Do your hips ever feel tight

or weak? Do you ever find 

yourself thinking "I must be 

getting old"? Healthy Hips 1 

was made to push the "reset" 

button on your hips and

make them feel like new

again. This easy to follow

routine will guide you

through powerful 

fundamental exercises

we use with our clients.

Healthy Hips 2:

Building Strength

for Real Life

Want to build more strength

for daily life? If you want to 

learn proper mechanics of 

squatting, picking up heavy 

objects, and getting up and 

down stairs with confidence,

this is the program for you. 

Healthy Hips 2 was designed 

to give your hips strength for 

real life.



Mobility Routine

Have tight shoulders that just 

won't let go? Want to learn 

simple exercises that require 

little to no equipment that 

you can do in the comfort of 

your own home? This easy to 

follow online video course will 

walk you through exercises to 

lay the foundation for healthy 


Professional Development

Courses to help health professionals make big changes in the lives of their clients and patients.

Static Posture Assessments Made Easy

Want to help people understand how their posture and pain are related? Do you struggle with linking people's posture to their movement challenges? Static Posture Assessments Made Easy was designed to empower anyone with highly effective tools for pain relief  and performance enhancement.

Need Equipment?

Check out products we recommend for exercise, mobility, and strength training.

Want Personalized Coaching?

We can help you with mobility and strength training here in the San Francisco Bay  Area 

or online via Skype.