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What Our Clients Say About Us

I flew to Palo Alto from NYC and within the first session, I already noticed I was walking better. By the end of 4 sessions with Kristen (2 Skype and 2 live), I was able to hike the Grand Canyon with very little pain. Now, I can walk comfortably, sit better, and stand!

I can’t thank the team at Upright Health enough for giving me my life back!"


My time at Upright Health has brought me levels of comfort and mobility that I have not had in years. I can’t thank Matt and his team enough."


Josh has patiently pushed me to do more than I thought I could and explained every step along the way. He trains me to do the things I want to do, but he also trains me “for life,” ensuring that I’m keeping different muscle groups in balance, even ones I’d rather ignore. No, my 50-something body is not what it used to be – in fact, it’s better than it’s been in ages! "


josh helping a client with his posture

Frequently asked questions

How is Upright Health different from chiropractic, physical therapy, or regular personal training programs?

Chiropractic, and physical therapy have a time and place, but they are very different from what we do. We do not do high velocity joint manipulations, nor do we spend time with heat, ice, ultrasound, etc. to treat areas where you feel pain. We do not work from cookie cutter templates or try to fit your problems into our preconceived molds.
We first seek to understand. We know how frustrating it is to spend hours, days, weeks, and even years trying to get yourself out of pain. We understand that it's hard to find anyone who will take the time to help you learn how to correct your problems for the long term.

We work with you to understand the unique coordination and strength deficits that keep you from moving and feeling your best. We're concerned not just about injury rehab but also with helping you build the strength, mobility, and resilience to prevent injuries in the future. We do not believe you can effectively beat pain and immobility by narrowly focusing on pain sites, blaming only one particular set of muscles, or massaging and stretching alone.

In terms of training philosophy, we emphasize quality movement above all else. You must move well before you move more. This is in stark contrast to a personal training industry that emphasizes more reps, more speed, and - inevitably - more injury.

We recognize that poor posture, pain, and immobility are a product of complex interactions, and that is why people come to work with us. Beating pain and immobility is only the first step of a process whose end goal is strength and resilience.

Do you accept insurance/flexible spending accounts?

Unfortunately insurance companies do not cover our training as we are not medical practitioners or physical therapists. Most of our clients have already exhausted all conventional medical approaches before coming to us, and we are proud to say we are often able to deliver the solutions and value that they seek.
Flexible spending accounts may work, but you should check with the rules of your FSA.

What about drugs and surgery for (situation X)?

We are not medical practitioners and can't give you medical advice, but we can tell you this. The research that examines the use of X-rays and MRIs for diagnosing pain sources is clear: X-rays and MRIs are of no practical use. They have only the veneer of truth.
The research that supports surgical intervention for joint issues is generally less than stellar. The histories of many orthopedic surgical interventions on joint issues demonstrates a strong pattern of overuse that is at first supported by heavily biased research. Over time, further research shows that the surgeries themselves have often been no better than a very expensive placebo with, unfortunately, higher risks of complication than a sugar pill placebo.

We believe it makes much more sense to improve joint mechanics by addressing the strength and coordination deficits in the muscles that affect joints that hurt. We see time and time again that as strength and pliability are restored, seemingly insurmountable joint problems diminish. We see time and again that as the balance of strength between muscles around joints is restored, chronic problems disappear. This pattern holds true with even the most scary sounding of medical diagnoses (e.g. stenosis, degenerative discs, femoroacetabular impingment, meniscus tears, osteoarthritis, etc.).

Doesn't pain and limitation come with old age?

It does, and it doesn’t. Because we see a large number of older people in our society moving slowly and suffering with lots of musculoskeletal maladies, we tend to believe that these problems are simply part and parcel of getting old. This only appears to be true because we do not see as many older people who have figured out how to maintain mobility and strength.
If you wrapped your hand up in a fist and kept it taped shut for the next thirty years, your hand would be stiff, inflexible, and definitely painful. We wouldn’t blame “age” as the problem; we would point at the tape and conclude that it had a deleterious effect on your hand's function. If a small restriction today affects your movement patterns negatively, it can easily snowball into a worse and worse situation over time. That is what happens to the large majority of us as we age - unless we actively combat that process.

We help our clients learn how to gradually and progressively push their bodies in a positive way - no matter their age or history.

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