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What’s the big deal with bras?

I was having a conversation with a close female friend a few weeks ago who mentioned that, over the years, she’s learned to recognize which of her bras actually make her body feel bad.  She mentioned that a few of her bras were too tight and that wearing them for more than an hour led […]

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What is the right way to sleep?

I often get asked what the ideal way to sleep is: On your back? On your stomach? With a giant pillow or no pillow? Hard bed or soft bed? So I thought I would share a few insights on proper sleeping — until I found a wonderful illustrated resource that accomplished all that I was […]

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Tips for buying shoes

If you are fortunate enough to live in a city as walkable as San Francisco, you know how important your choice of footwear is to your level of comfort as you meander through the weekend or charge through a workday.  But, since our grade school educations don’t often include a primer on choosing shoes that […]

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How can Rolfing affect you emotionally?

People often wonder how structural integrators can claim to elicit emotional change. Structural integrators claim that a sense of well-being can result, that sometimes our work is more effective at getting through emotional blocks than talk-therapy, etc. etc. We make pretty bold claims for some people to believe, so let’s look at the science behind […]

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