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Are your tires aligned?

One of the best metaphors for the way your body works is one of the car.  Let’s say your left front tire keeps going bald.  Every seven months, the left front tire is run totally bald — and yet somehow all the other tires seem to be fine.  Is the problem the tire, or is […]

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Age doesn’t cause pain

I saw something called the Seat Assist while walking by a medical supply store in San Francisco a few months ago, and it really got my brain up in a tizzy. While I know the people behind the product (and a wide array of products like it) are only looking to help reduce the suffering […]

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Be wary of pharmaceuticals

There’s a place for pharmaceuticals in any health care system.  I recently had a battle with an incredible stomach flu that had me writhing on the floor with fever, headache, and body aches like you wouldn’t believe.  A tablet of Tylenol every few hours kept me comfortable enough to get some rest so that I […]

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Car seats affect baby breaths

I heard about this story the other day on the radio while driving around town. Infant car safety seats can — and do — save newborns’ lives in traffic accidents. In fact, you can’t leave the hospital without one. However, these seats, which require infants to be placed in an upright position, can also cause […]

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Community Clinic Saturday, January 24

Saturday, January 24, 2009 will be an all-day Community Clinic for those who feel that they need Rolfing and myofascial release work but cannot afford the regular rates.  All fees are reduced by 50%.  There are still appointments available.  Please contact me to schedule your appointment. UPDATE: No more appointments are available for this Saturday.

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Does Rolfing treat pain?

My answer to this question is yes — and in the way you have been looking for! I came to the world of Rolfing® structural integration because of pain. I went to a Rolfer™ to get rid of pain the same way you would take an antibiotic to kill a bacterial infection. The majority of […]

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