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Learning a new programming language

We live in an age where computers run everything. Behind the scenes, there are brilliant computer programmers creating systems that help them run everything. One such programmer, Tony, came in several months back because of tightness all over his body, particularly in his hamstrings. He felt like his tightness was making his back and shoulders […]

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Sue S.

I tore a disc in my lumbar spine in December 2009 and had nerve blocks, epidurals, pain killers, PT, acupuncture, swimming, massage therapy and Pilates out in the DC area for seven months and still couldn’t be out of the house for more than two hours, sit for more than 30 minutes or even walk […]

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Get your shoulders level

David was the type of guy who loved lifting weights, riding his motorcycle, and watching Chargers games. But recurrent severe back pain kept him from doing the things he loved. About four times a year, he’d be in severe pain, unable to even walk properly. At 38, he wasn’t happy with that.

After less than two months since starting his Egoscue exercise program, he’s back doing the things he loves.

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