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Alex K., Student

I’ve been lifting weights for about a year now, flipping from program to program without truly understanding midline stabilization or motor control. I found Josh’s channel by accident and immediately started implementing his cues, and I saw a significant difference in all my movements and also saw where my mobility restrictions were. These guys are […]

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Cinna W., Facebook Software Engineer

Three years ago, I started working at my first desk job as an engineer. Two years into the job, I started to experience a lot of neck, shoulder and hip pain. For months, I tried everything I could think of – ergonomic evaluations, multiple physical therapists, medications, chiropractor, acupuncture, deep tissue massages – but nothing […]

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Ron D.

In the spring of 2013 my left gluteus felt like it tore while running. Next came plantar fasciitis. Before that for a year or so it felt like my left lower waist would ‘give out’ toward the rear when sitting. Getting out of a car was increasingly difficult, as getting out of my Aeron chair […]

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I met Matt over a year ago.  As the typical FAI-Hip Impingement story goes, I was diagnosed via MRI, and like everyone else reading this, I was contemplating surgery to shave off a part of my femur. Upright Health was the first source of information that would potentially change the way I viewed not only […]

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James B.

A year ago my leg/back pain was so bad I could barely sleep, sit, or walk for more than 15 mins without extreme discomfort. I tried it all. Months of physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, fire cupping, bloodletting, and floatation tanks, either exacerbated the problem or lasted only temporarily. After four PRP/prolotherapy […]

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Mark, IT worker

“I’m 42 years old, married with two teenagers, and I work in Information Technology. With those three qualities, you can see right away that first I’m at the age when my body starts to betray me with frightening regularity. Second, raising two kids has left me precious little time to focus on my own health. […]

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Zach L.

In working to recover from a broken femur after a nasty snowboard accident, I have first hand experience in dealing with the limiting mentality that I would have to accept living in chronic pain and that “I was broken”. Over the course of six years I started a journey of working with numerous orthopedic doctors, […]

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Julice, Esthetician and Business Owner

“I initially sought out Matt for Rolfing services to help alleviate my hip, knee, shoulder and back pain. I suffered from chronic pain in these areas for over 10+ years. I’ve previously seen Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, have received Chiropractic care along with massage therapy 3x/week for several consecutive years and while they gave […]

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Mark M.

Mark wanted to complete an Ironman, but constant tightness in his inner thigh and abdominals were hampering all his training efforts. After months of trying to rest the pain away, he came to Rolfer and functional trainer Matt Hsu at Upright Health for a solution that helped him come back even stronger.

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