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What are the best tests for shoulder impingement?

If you’re suffering with shoulder pain or you’re somebody who helps others with shoulder pain, you may have encountered a battery of tests to help you figure out what’s causing the shoulder pain. In the medical world, there’s a diagnosis called “shoulder impingement” or subacromial impingement that you can test for. There are at least […]

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Are wide pushups bad for you?

If you’ve ever gotten bored of doing regular pushups, you may have started thinking about doing wide pushups (AKA wide grip pushups) to hit more of your chest muscles. Whenever someone starts experimenting with wide pushups, there’s a high risk of two things:  you feel shoulder pain you don’t feel shoulder pain but someone tells […]

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How to find value in everything

Things will never go 100% as expected because nothing is ever 100% in our control. The true value of a journey is found in its imperfections. Each experience is a lesson, if you can allow yourself to see them that way. Success and failure can be based on arbitrary standards. But learning… and growing… those […]

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I hate school, but I love learning

For whatever reason, I’ve never liked school that much. I excelled in school all the way through high school. And while it was sort of nice to get a pat on the back for performance, I never really felt that proud about my accomplishments in school. When friends went on to graduate schools, law schools, […]

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The best way to learn anything

It is best to learn like a child. Experiencing without judgment or expectation. When a child learns to stand, does he talk himself down for failing the first time? The second time? The thousandth time? Or does he simply try again? Automatically interpreting each failure as more feedback? As another opportunity to grow? As simply […]

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The pitfalls of overcoaching

I aim to avoid overcoaching. I believe it is more effective to break down a movement that the client finds too complex into more digestible parts, rather than spam the client with a dozen different instructions that they wouldn’t be able to internalize anyhow. It’s important for the client to be able to not only […]

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Do shoulder impingement physical tests work?

Why think about special tests for the shoulder? When people are told they have shoulder impingement, there are a number of physical maneuvers or “special tests” that doctors will use to investigate their problem. These special tests are supposed to provide useful information that tells you whether you have true “impingement.” These special tests, however, are […]

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