Train your hips, legs, shoulders, and spine to move right and feel right.

Get the guidance and clarity you're looking for on UprightLive!

Train your whole body with a coherent approach.

There are millions of websites spreading "fitness" information online.  You might recognize them as saying things like, "just do this one exercise and your hips will forever be happy!" "Just do this one exercise and your shoulders and posture will be fixed forever!" 

Those magic exercises do work - sometimes. But maybe not for you. Or maybe the exercises are just not right for anyone! 

You can search the entire internet for "hip exercises," "hip mobility," and "hip strengthening" and come up with hundreds of thousands of videos and blog posts. You'll find plenty of our videos and posts!

You can search the entire internet for "shoulder exercises," "shoulder mobility," and "shoulder strengthening" and come up with hundreds of thousands of videos and blog posts. Again, you'll find plenty of ours (and you'll find them helpful!). 

The problem is often distilling things down to a practical level.  Even if you somehow digest all those sources, you don't know what pieces actually apply to YOU. And as soon as that sense of being overwhelmed hits, the likelihood that you'll follow through falls through the floor. 

So you spin your wheels, and your hips, shoulders, and spine still don't feel good. 

We've heard this story a lot, and we wanted to find a way to help more people all around the world just like you.

We're here to help you and your whole body - LIVE!





When it comes to building strength and mobility, it can be tough to do things on your own...

At Upright Health, we've been putting out online Do It Yourself hip programs since 2014. We've worked with thousands of clients from all over the world with hip, shoulder, and spine challenges. And we've seen the effects spiral out to the knees, feet, elbows, wrists and hands. 

We've worked with people with hip osteoarthritis, labral tears, chondral cysts, femoroacetabular impingement, and dysplasia diagnoses. And despite all those SCARY-sounding diagnoses, we've seen people make progress with simple, practical training principles. 

We've worked with people with shoulder arthritis, labral tears, shoulder impingement, biceps tendonosis, costochondritis, hyperkyphosis, forward posture, and all the other scary medical bogeymen of your upper body.

A lot of people fly from around the world to get our help dealing with these issues, so we know how frustrating your journey to this point has probably been...

Our clients often tell us something like this...

"I'm just not sure what to do, so I want some individual help!" 

They don't know how to build a program for themselves. They keep getting hurt in group "fitness" classes. And they just want to get better already. 

We've found that a lot of people face the same common hurdles. Some of these hurdles are nearly impossible to communicate about without a live demonstration. A live explanation just makes it easier for humans like us to understand an idea! 

And recently, many of our fans started asking us to do more "live-streaming" to help more people around the world - without anyone having to get on a plane! 

We realized they were on to something. Something that could help you and thousands like you.

Expert coaching that can reach you anywhere in the world.

So we created something that is already helping more than a hundred members around the world...


Simple workouts you can do at home, guided by experts you can trust. 

UprightLive Upper Body Strength and Mobility Classes

Every Monday morning at 7AM Pacific Time 

UprightLive Lower Body Strength and Mobility Classes  

Every Wednesday morning at 7AM Pacific Time

Real classes with real Upright Health coaching...

We know not everyone can fly to see us. We know not everyone has the time or money to work with us in person. And we still want you to have the chance to get great coaching. We want your hips, spine, and shoulders to move right and feel right! 

We've created UprightLive for motivated, dedicated people to join us for REAL LIVE, ONE-HOUR classes every week.

Our lower body class builds your hip strength and mobility. It teaches you how to use your core and lower spine safely and effectively. 

Our upper body class builds your shoulder strength, mobility, and postural control to help you develop your whole body into one happy unit! 

Two classes a week, every week that build your body instead of breaking it down!

plus Get Exclusive Access To A Weekly Members Only Q&A Session!

  • Get YOUR questions answered by lead Upright Health trainer Trevor Hash
  • Find out how specific exercises work and how to apply them to yourself
  • Learn how to choose the best exercises for yourself
  • Discover the difference between productive discomfort and just plain old BAD PAIN.
  • Learn from others' questions so you can advance at a faster pace with your hip and shoulder mobility goals


UprightLive Student

I've been doing the Upright Health Live classes with you since they started, and I just wanted to say how much I love them and how much you guys have changed my life!!!


…I am a yoga teacher and was practising quite advanced postures for 6-7 years with no FAI symptoms. But I believe the sequences I was practising were too forward-fold heavy, eventually causing my hip flexors to get all bunched up and pulling my femurs forward in the sockets…I also had a flat, scrawny yoga butt and had a total imbalance between my hip flexor/extensor muscles. So I gradually started getting hip pain. It got worse and worse…couldn't practise…couldn't sleep…couldn't go on my beloved countryside walks etc. etc. (you've heard it all before).


I bought the FAI Fix and found soooo much relief. But I still couldn't get my head around some of the exercises/stretches e.g. what to do if I'm feeling pinching/grinding sensations in a certain stretch. And I was getting a little frustrated as I thought I was a lost cause.


But THEN you swept in with these live classes and now I totally get it! I really appreciate you hammering home the point about active stretching and contractions in all different directions - it has honestly changed my life. I can now do almost all of the old postures that I had to avoid for so long!


Also I started with back/neck/shoulder pain at the same time as the FAI symptoms so I'm really happy you are doing the upper body classes too.


 You guys have made me such a better yoga teacher as I know so much more about anatomy and rehabilitation... I'm able to drop in little bits of info into my classes.


I wish I lived closer so I could come and train with you everyday, but I'm always there lurking online anyway like a creep!


Thanks so much for everything.

The secret to getting results with your body...whether you're in pain or not.

Here's the thing. We teach workshops on Healthy Hips. We work with clients daily with hip pain. Our entire coaching team has a deep understanding of hip issues. 

We also teach classes on posture and have seen literally thousands of people with postural issues affecting their upper and lower bodies. 

We've also had personal experience with our own bad shoulders giving out on us.

Trevor's even had a shoulder surgery to "fix" things - but it never helped. 

Suffice it to say that we've seen successes. And we've seen failures. 

And we know whose bodies improve and whose don't. 

The ones who improve are the ones who put in the work over and over again. 

When they hit roadblocks, they find a way around.

When they get frustrated, they focus on their successes.

When an exercise isn't working for them, they find out why.

When they feel unmotivated, they make themselves accountable. They start a program. They find a professional. They get a coach. They do something that looks like it will put them on the right path.  

And who fails to make progress with their bodies?

The people who are stuck in a pattern of fear and avoidance. 

If an exercise hurts, they allow themselves to think it's because they're deformed. Or have a disease. Or are too old.

If they feel sore after working new muscles, they get worried and decide to rest for three weeks. 

Doctors and physical therapists have told them they are permanently and irrevocably damaged - and they believe it. 

So when these small hurdles arise (and they always do), they swallow a poisonous belief like one of these...

failing and falling

"I'm too old."

"I lost the genetic lottery." 

"I'm deformed." 

"I've got bad bones."


Surrender is the next logical step.


The predictable result is getting weaker and weaker and weaker....

Progress with your body is about consistently applying the RIGHT kind of effort. UprightLive coaching lays the foundation for success with your hips, legs, shoulders, and spine.

It's strength, mobility, and balance for your entire body. 

One class a week dedicated to building great upper body control, posture, mobility, and strength.

One class a week dedicated to building great core control (abs and lower back) plus balanced mobility and strength for your hips and legs.


I've seen a dozen physical therapists, trainers, or bodyworkers, but this is the first time I feel like I've left with a concrete plan that will actually address the root of my problems.

"I wasn't sure if the Healthy Hips workshop would be worth it for me because my hip pain is currently minor (thanks in part to watching the Upright Health videos on Youtube), and I am not a candidate for surgery, but I was so happy that I was able to attend this workshop in person!

Working with Matt and his team was wonderful. I love the team's holistic approach to movement. I've seen a dozen physical therapists, trainers, or bodyworkers, but this is the first time I feel like I've left with a concrete plan that will actually address the root of my problems.

I had several "aha" moments during the workshop that have subtly impacted the way I think about moving my body in yoga and throughout the day. After a month I have already seen a ton of improvement in my mobility and strength!"

Jackie ,

Here's what you can expect from these Live Streamed Training Classes

trevor teaching about hips
  • One Hour Follow Along style classes live streamed twice a week
  • Get your questions answered in Real Time on the live streams
  • Rolling archive of four most recent classes if you can’t attend the live streams
  • Expert exercise programming to unlock the potential of your hips, legs, shoulders, and spine
  • Workouts that improve strength, flexibility, and coordination in all planes of motion - no matter where you're starting from
  • Practical and principled approach that shows you how to apply mobility techniques for maximum effect (e.g. contract/relax stretching, loaded stretching, activation drills, etc.)
  • Coaching that helps you become independent and able to build targeted workouts for yourself


UprightLive Student

I just wanted to send a note thanking you guys for this course. I struggled with daily hip pain for the past 4 years. I am a wildlife habitat biologist and spend a lot of time in the field and in my personal life am also very active and do a lot of outdoor activities. I kept doing them anyways, but it hurt to hike.... which is essential for my job and many of my hobbies like hunting. 

After navigating the medical system and spending a lot of time and money, I was told I had FAI and my options were to continue doing what I was doing (yoga, massage, chiro) or surgery. My chiropractor discouraged me from surgery because she said it wasn't very successful. Also it didn't make sense to me that I had lived life for a long time with the same bones but previously had no pain. I did more yoga, but my husband told me he thought it made things worse. Yoga teaches you that negative emotions are stored in your hips - the cure - more hip openers. 

I then started having knee issues and I kept pulling my groin. 

One day my son said "mom, I can't tell if you're angry or not". It broke my heart. I wasn't angry, I was hurting. I didn't want my husband to touch me sometimes because it put resistance on my body which pinched my hips...

Along came UprightLive and I signed up immediately.

Within the first 4 classes I learned more about proper functional body movement than in all of the yoga, crossfit, etc. classes I had taken. I started having whole days where I didn't have pain. I felt engaged in the classes and really interested. Again, I always felt immediate relief after doing the exercises. I began to understand how I could incorporate the lessons I've learned into my yoga practice so that I could still practice yoga. 

I just went on a mama - baby yoga retreat...I was gone for almost 2 weeks with my 2 children without my husband. I ran with my older son, packed my baby and luggage around, walked countless steps in airports, swam in the ocean, and did a week of yoga.... with no pain. 

While I know that it is the resources that you all provided that made this possible, the most empowering thing of all is that every time I walk and feel how functional and strong my hips, core, and pelvis are, I think - I fixed myself. That's truly a gift. And life without pain has truly increased my capacity as a human being in so many ways…

...I wanted to be able to run again without pain. I chased after my older son the other day with no pain. It was absolutely glorious and that boy was purely gleaming. 

I'm not sure I have the time to do this...

time crunched man

Most of us spend the majority of our day not moving our hips at all and letting our upper bodies atrophy into a hunchback. We are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to shoulder, posture, and hip health. To have healthy  posture, happy hips, and functioning shoulders, we believe you need a minimum dose of movement.

But what's the minimum? 

Our basic guideline for clients is to do two hard workouts a week, and a small amount of work every day.

The UprightLive Whole Body format gives you what you need to get to do your two weekly workouts. 

You get one hour of healthy, constructive work for your hip strength and mobility in our live streamed class.

You get another hour of healthy, constructive work for your upper body - moving the upper spine and shoulders in nourishing, balanced ways. 

Then you do homework for the week in between classes. 


What kind of homework will I be doing?

The kind that gets you results. :-) 

From every class, we want you to pick two to four exercises that you find difficult. Spend 10-15 minutes every day working on the exercises you find most challenging. 


Want extra credit? Rewatch the classes and follow along again. Dive deep into the exercises AND the principles! 

As you work on your upper and lower body, you'll see the connections we always talk about. You'll see how the shoulders affect your spine and vice versa. You'll see how the pelvis affects the spine - and thus affects the shoulders. You'll start to see how intertwined it all is...

If your hips are bothering you, and you want them to feel better, you need to put in time and effort - for your whole body. If your shoulders are bothering you, you'll need to put in time and effort - for your whole body.

There are no shortcuts. 

With UprightLive Whole Body, you're looking at two hours of classes, plus fifteen minutes of homework every day. It's not insane. It's doable. 

If you can't carve out this time, that's okay. You can also start with our Upper or Lower Body classes and do the Whole Body program when you're ready.

But one thing is for sure, you need to make time for your body if you want it to improve. 

Two hours a week? Is that enough time to improve my body?

Good question.

Like we said, our basic guideline for clients is to do two hard workouts a week, and a small amount of work every day.

Hard doesn't mean high intensity with heavy barbells and sweat dripping off your face. It means doing focused, constructive work. It means movement and exercise with a purpose. 

A small amount of work every day means taking stretch breaks and spending 10-15 minutes in the morning and evening moving your body into the positions you're trying to improve. Nothing crazy. 

Our live streamed classes take the guesswork out of your "hard days." So the only thing hard about your hard day are the exercises you're doing. 

And then you'll be able to pick and choose exercises to work on at a lower intensity during the rest of the week. Use what you learn in stretch breaks, during downtime in front of the TV, etc. 

What's the format of the class?

trevor teaching about hips

An Upright Health coach will be leading the class - sometimes with real students in attendance - through a workout. We'll use the real people live in studio to demonstrate common issues and how to fix them. And if we don't have students with us, we'll show you the common mistakes and fixes for every movement.

And we'll answer selected questions from online viewers about specific exercises as they come up!

You get real-time instruction and real-time interaction!

Dan S.

UprightLive Student

I just completed the November 13 hip mobility class, and I just did the most beautiful unassisted squats of my entire life.  Oh my goodness, it was so cool (and hard, haha!). I've been working on my squat range of motion for over a year and made some gains today that were well beyond anything I have been able to achieve--especially in regard to the upright head/back.  It was awesome! So thanks!

What if I can't be online at 7AM Pacific Time for the live streamed classes?

You don't want to be awake at midnight? Your colleagues won't let you do a hip workout in the conference room? You'll be stuck in traffic? 

As an active UprightLive subscriber, you'll have access to the rolling archive. The rolling archive gives you access to the four most recent classes. 

So if you can't make it exactly on time, you can always watch the full replay at your convenience on your home computer, tablet, or phone.

If you really enjoyed a class and want extra credit, you can always watch it again on your own time and redo the full workout. 

If you are doing your homework and want to see an exercise done again, you can watch the explanation again and again and again! 

What if I have questions that I can't get answered in the live stream?

We host a weekly live streamed Q&A for UprightLive subscribers ONLY! You will be able to submit questions live OR beforehand via email. We'll choose the most helpful questions to answer for all of our subscribers. 

The schedule is tentatively set for Tuesdays at 1:15PM, but we may move it around occasionally to give people in different parts of the world a chance to get on the live Q&As! 

What equipment will I need to follow along at home?

The full list of gear with amazon links is here.

The following things are 100% necessary

  • an exercise or yoga mat to cushion your knees, wrists, and elbows for ground exercises
  • a massage tool like a foam roller, lacrosse ball, or softball
  • a set of mini-resistance bands and longer resistance bands (we give specific recommendations)
  • a chair, stool, or wall to assist in more challenging standing exercises
  • two long, lightweight training bands 

The following things are nice to have:

  • ankle weights (for lower body class)
  • dumbbells in 5, 10, 15, 25 lbs. (2, 4, 6, 10kg)
  • kettlebells in 6, 10, 14, or more kg
  • pull-up bar (for upper body class)

Who will be leading the class?

In general, Upright Health's Lead Trainer Trevor Hash will be the primary instructor. In future classes, if a substitution is necessary, an experienced Upright Health trainer will be leading every class. 

Karen P.

UprightLive Student

WOW, what a difference a few classes make!  

I have been dealing with hip pain off and on for years.  I am an active 65 year old and my movement box has shrunken dramatically over the last 6 months.  

Last month I went to an orthopedic surgeon and was told I needed bilateral hip replacement because of my nasty bone morphology going on.  He said it would be not a big deal as I was active and in good health. I am not ready for surgery!

I have been working diligently on fascia release, restorative exercises, etc. forever,  but the missing component was the *strength*.  I backed off as I would quickly get pain. So with some hesitancy I started your class. Felt better after the first class and now I am doing really well!  I do modify almost every exercise but I am able to finish the class. And I do my homework too! So excited.

Thank you, Trevor.  I enjoy your teaching style.  I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time!

My hips are really stuck and/or in this going to be appropriate for me?

We've seen some really stuck hips. REALLY stuck. To get your hips unstuck, you need to move them. And that's what you're going to learn how to do with UprightLIVE - Hips! 

But here are some reasons that this program may NOT be right for you:

  • your hips are SO stuck or painful that you cannot bear weight on one or both of your legs
  • you cannot walk without a severe limp due to hip or knee pain
  • you are in severe hip or knee pain that limits almost all your daily activities like sitting, walking, and standing

If any of those are true for you, you will likely be better off with individual coaching and attention before you start with this group format. 

You are always welcome to try UprightLive to see if it's a good fit for you. If you cancel within the first two weeks, we'll give you a full refund.

My shoulders are really this going to be appropriate for me?

Here are some reasons that this program may NOT be right for you: 

  • you have severe neck pain that makes it hard to turn your head
  • you have severe shoulder pain that makes it hard to lift your arm more than 30 degrees in one or more directions
  • you have severe wrist, elbow, or hand pain that makes it impossible to bear weight without excruciating pain

If any of those are true for you, you will likely be better off with individual coaching and attention before you start with this group format. 

You are always welcome to try UprightLive to see if it's a good fit for you. If you cancel within the first two weeks, we'll give you a full refund.

My back this going to be appropriate for me?

Here are some reasons that this program may NOT be right for you: 

  • any of the upper or lower body warning signs (above) are at play for you
  • you get shooting nerve pain in your back or into your arms or legs

If any of those are true for you, you will definitely be better off with individual coaching and attention before you start with this group format. 

You are always welcome to try UprightLive to see if it's a good fit for you. If you cancel within the first two weeks, we'll give you a full refund.

Is UprightLive crazy expensive?

When you work with an Upright Health trainer one on one, it isn't cheap. As coaches and humans who won't live forever, we value our time highly.

If you want to train with any of us for four sessions, it'll cost you a minimum of $700. That's about a month of sessions. 

If you wanted to work with a coach twice a week for a month, you'd be paying over $1000 in that month. 

The UprightLive - Whole Body Membership costs you a fraction of that. A tiny fraction. 

It breaks down to $12.37 per class. 

Your last dinner out probably cost more than that...

Every month, you get eight classes, plus access to the rolling archive AND weekly Q+A sessions...

UprightLive is going to be a lot more helpful and nourishing than your last dinner.

Pooja A. 

UprightLive Student

I am local to Upright Health, and I have worked with Matt, Trevor, and Vincent individually. I am still blown away by the detail in the UprightLive classes.

The UprightLive classes offer modifications, cues, and attention to detail that is just about on par with an in-person session. Even though I am local to Upright Health and can do in-person sessions, I love also having access to an hour long class at my convenience. Being able to go back and watch is really helpful in fixing my form and feeling the right muscles.

I also like how the exercises are combined -- and I especially appreciate the explanations about why they are combined in the way they are!

UprightLive gives you an affordable, complete training experience.



Focus on your hips, legs, lower back, and core

  • Full access to the Lower Body weekly live streams
  • Full access to the Lower Body rolling archives
  • Full access to the Weekly Q&A and rolling archives
  • Improve your hip and lumbar spine strength, flexibility, and mobility
back and shoulder muscles


Focus on your shoulders, mid back, upper back, neck, and arms

  • Full access to the Upper Body weekly live streams
  • Full access to the Upper Body rolling archives
  • Full access to the Weekly Q&A and rolling archives
  • Improve your posture
  • Improve your shoulder strength and mobility


Work the whole body as an integrated, strong, and mobile unit

  • Full access to the Lower Body AND Upper Body live streams
  • Full access to the Lower Body AND Upper Body archives
  • Full access to the Weekly Q&A and archives
  • Improve your posture from head to toe
  • Improve strength, flexibility, and mobility from head to toe
hip stretching





  • 1 live streamed class per week
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Rolling archive of 4 classes





  • 1 live streamed class per week
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Rolling archive of 4 classes

Which level of UprightLive is right for me?

The answer is easier than you think.  In general, we suggest training the WHOLE BODY, but if that feels like too much, too fast for you, here are some simple examples.

When you think about what you want to improve on, what pops to mind? 

"My right glute won't turn on."

Lower body. Progress to Whole Body when you feel ready.

"My right shoulder never feels quite strong enough or mobile enough to play sports."

Upper body. Progress to Whole Body when you feel ready.

"Crappy posture and my arms are so, so weak."

Upper body. Progress to Whole Body when you feel ready.

"Two things with my low back and hips." 

Lower body. Progress to Whole Body when you feel ready.

"My core is weak, I'm stuck in a slouch, my knees feel weak, my hips feel stiff, and my back hasn't felt right since I was ten years old."

Whole body.  Or start with lower body and then progress to WHOLE BODY. 

Why is WHOLE BODY such a strong recommendation? 

We know that clients with hip issues almost always have problems with their upper body. 

And clients with shoulder, neck, and posture issues almost always have problems with their lower body.

You have one whole body that needs care and maintenance, and WHOLE BODY gives you the tools and accountability to do it.  

If you want to start with an UPPER BODY or LOWER BODY membership, it's no problem. We also make it easy to upgrade to Whole Body at any time in the future. 

Every time I think about the change this has made in my life I nearly cry.

I am 45 and I am 60+ pounds overweight. As a seasoned paramedic I know just enough about the healthcare system to be very skeptical and enough about kinesiology to be dangerous. I got one X-ray and was told to book an appointment with surgeon to discuss my “options.” I was beyond depressed as I started to prepare my fat body for intubation and invasive surgery. I was in a dark place man...

I found your youtube video on squats with a resistance band. While laughing, I tried it…I did 5 reps and my hip pain improved by 25%...Yeah 25%!

I bought Healthy Hip 1, and I am working through it, and IT IS CHANGING MY LIFE!

I went from needing a cane and walking less than 1000 steps per day to standing at my desk most of the day and 3-5000 steps at a time.

I was taking 2000 mg of Motrin every day to get through it. I have not taken anything for pain in WEEKS. In fact now when I’m in pain it’s a trigger to do the workouts.

My hips barely hurt while walking. Now they are tight when I have ben sitting too long.

Every time I think about the change this has made in my life I nearly cry. Since finding your program and eliminating almost all of my hip pain I have taken on a small workout routine and have committed to losing 50 pounds this year. I have lost 18 so far!

Jason P. Team and Personal Development Consultant

Join UprightLIVE 

image from uprightlive class
  • Join us on up to two live streamed one hour classes every week to train your upper and lower body
  • Join us on a weekly live streamed Q&A session to get your questions answered (or send your questions by email and watch in the archive)
  • Get expert coaching through tried and true hip flexibility and strength exercises + learn how to use your core for a healthy body
  • Get expert coaching to improve your hunchback posture
  • Build upper body control and strength
  • Discover which exercises work best for you - and how often to do them
  • Access the four most recent classes at your convenience and on your schedule so you can work on your body wherever you are
  • Make progress on your hips with coaching and accountability from the world's experts on hip health
  • Make progress on your shoulders and posture with coaching and accountability from the world's experts on posture and shoulder health





  • 1 live streamed class per week
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Rolling archive of 4 classes





  • 1 live streamed class per week
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Rolling archive of 4 classes

No sign up fees. Automatic pain-free renewal. No cancellation fees. Cancel anytime. 

How is this different from taking a yoga class? 

Yoga can be great for some people. The emphasis on flexibility can be the catalyst for great change.

However, we have had a lot of clients who have done years of yoga, and their hips have unfortunately ended up feeling worse than when they started. There are several high profile yoga celebrities who ended up with hip pain so bad they had to stop teaching or opted for hip surgeries to try to relieve their pain. 

Often the biggest cause of hip problems from yoga is too much emphasis on attempting to passively stretch for long periods. Flexibility is good, but control is crucial. 

We've also seen people come out of yoga with nagging shoulder and neck pain. This is almost always due to an imbalance in the way yoga classes are structured - with an emphasis on lots of planks and plank pushups (and nothing to keep the shoulder muscles balanced). 

UprightLive - Lower Body focuses on flexibility AND strength so that you are able to move right and feel right in more positions.

UprightLive - Upper Body will help you build strength and flexibility for your daily life and for activities like climbing walls and doing the monkey bars. 

How is this different from taking a pilates class? 

Pilates can be great for some people - particularly for re-engaging the abdominals and some hip muscles. The biggest shortcoming we've seen in various Pilates programs is the lack of variation in positions and planes of motion. There's a huge emphasis on linear, front/back, side/side exercises. These are useful as a starting point, but the lower and upper body often need more than that.

UprightLive - Lower Body will build your hips up to be able to go through a greater variety of ranges of motion and positions. It will also push you to safely build more strength and control in all those ranges and positions.

UprightLive - Upper Body will focus on building upper spine flexibility, strength, and control. And it will have you working your shoulders and arms in ways Pilates generally won't. 

Do I have to be an athlete to do this program? 

You may be worried that the program will be too intense. Don't be.

This program is not a grueling boot camp style workout. It's about identifying weak and/or inflexible muscles and getting them back to the right strength level to balance out your body.  It's about learning how to move your body properly to keep your hips happy. 

All exercises will be shown at an easy level, a medium level, and a hard level. You'll choose what you're able to do, and do it at the pace you can handle. 

I'm an athlete. Will this be too easy for me?

athletes uprightlive


Even though the class is not a grueling boot camp style workout, it will NOT be easy for athletes. We've worked with recreational, semi-pro, and pro athletes over the years. We've seen powerlifters and olympic style lifters. We understand what all kinds of athletes are doing on a regular basis.

We can very confidently say no matter what level of athlete you are, you'll find the workouts challenging to your hips and shoulders in many, many ways. 

Am I too old to do this program?

While you may be concerned that old age and back pain are always linked, the truth is that age is NOT the determining factor in hip immobility. Nor is age the determining factor for upper back and shoulder issues. If age were the problem, you'd never see anyone over the age of 60 running or walking. You'd never see retirees enjoying their lives hiking or playing tennis.

The only role old age plays is that you have to be more respectful of your body's capacity to rebuild muscle. That means you need to eat right and rest well when necessary - but that's true for anyone (except surly teenagers). :-) 

All exercises will be shown at an easy level, a medium level, and a hard level. You'll choose what you're able to do, and do it at the pace you can handle. 

Will this program work on my mobile device or tablet?

Yes. All videos will play on all devices, Android or iOS or whatever you've got. It's all accessible through a standard web browser. If you're viewing this page and can watch YouTube and Vimeo videos on your device, you're good to go.

Is there a DVD collection available? 

No, there's no DVD available. This will be live streamed and a small library of recent episodes will only be available on our website in the rolling archive. 

Why should I believe this will work for my lower body or upper body?

The Upright Health team has over 25 years of collective experience helping people move better. We work with people who have already been to the doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and physical therapist. We have clients who fly from all over the world to work with us.

We achieve better results for our clients because we apply critical thinking to the entire body and every exercise we assign. 

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Nothing in life is a perfect fit for everyone. We get that. 

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Bonnie T.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner


I woke up one morning in January 2016 with nagging anterior hip pain. 3 days later I couldn’t get out of bed or walk without crying in pain. 3 weeks later an MRI showed bilateral labral tears in both hips, but only one was inflamed in soft tissue and bone and there were bilateral tiny tiny bone spurs.

I was on Tylenol and Advil alternating around the clock and could barely function through a work day let alone keep up my usual activities (that included commuting by bike in the hills of San Francisco, swimming, yoga and ice hockey). I was diagnosed with FAI or hip impingement. I was told to rest. I was told I might need surgery but we would try PT first.

I was told if I went back to playing ice hockey, that I would most definitely require surgery as if it was a matter of when, not if. Grim prospects but I was now able to walk places and walk up and down stairs some of the time with minimal discomfort...

It is now 7 months since the day I could not even get out of bed without excruciating pain.

I am playing ice hockey and feel stronger on my skates, and am less likely to fall when battling another player for the puck. I feel like everything is easier, swimming, skating, yoga. I am a better skater than ever. I also am better at pinpointing and troubleshooting my own hip issues. I put in my part and since this began I have not skipped my exercises to keep me healthy.

But I wouldn’t be where I am without Upright Health.

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  • 1 live streamed class per week
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Rolling archive of 4 classes





  • 1 live streamed class per week
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Rolling archive of 4 classes

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