Sick of doing the same old exercises, getting the same frustrating results, and wondering what else you could be doing to help your body move better?

When you're trying to retrain your body, you need to find a variety of exercises to stimulate the right muscles in the right way.

But on the internet that's not what you find. It's the same exercises for your butt: bridges, bridges, bridges...

It's the same approach to stabilizing: bosu balls and balance pads...

It's the same approach to strengthening:​ lift MORE, lift HEAVIER, lift HARDER.

You have coaches who haven't really experienced chronic pain telling you to just "get through it."

And if you have pain, everyone just tells you to rest and be really careful until your problems eventually go away (and they never do!).

And if you have pain, everyone just tells you to rest and be really careful until your problems eventually go away (and they never do!).

If you keep doing the same old stuff, it's no mystery where you end up...

You end up frustrated and in need of inspiration! You find yourself in need of fresh exercises and fresh perspectives to help you move better and feel better.

That's probably how you found Upright Health on YouTube. You had something that was bugging you. Maybe it was your glutes. Maybe it was your shoulder. And you realized that there is a better way to go about helping yourself! 

The key is constant experimentation with different approaches. But unless you have all day to think about some of this stuff, coming up with new exercises is like banging your head against a wall!*

*That's not an exercise suggestion!​

There is a lot more to your body than just the same fifty exercises. 

If you meet with enough trainers and watch enough videos, you start to notice that everyone's got a fundamental number of exercises. They're great exercises. FANTASTIC exercises! 

And yet they don't do EVERYTHING to challenge your body. They hit some muscles, yes, but they definitely miss out on some too.

Eventually you'll notice there's a core group of around fifty or so exercises that everyone's working with. 

So if you ​want to hit some specific muscles in a specific way, you're kind of out of luck. 

And you're left wondering...is there more than this? 

Whether you're an average Joe or Jane or a health professional looking to help your clients, you want to learn MORE and make MORE progress!

You want...​

New exercises that nobody else is talking about

Fresh ideas to help you think about your body in a new light

Unique approaches to your 

And that's what you'll get from the Upright Insider Membership.


The Upright Insider Library has over 300 videos to help you learn how to move better and feel better.

Organized into Tissue Work, Stretching, and Reactivation sections, you'll find the exercises you need to target the muscles you're looking for!

Shoulder exercises? Yup.

Exercises for your core? They're in there.

Plus we've got a section of hundreds of videos dealing with the hips!


The library also includes Upright Insider Exclusives where we discuss different exercises we're experimenting with, different perspectives we're considering, and different approaches to problems that we run into with clients.

With the Upright Insider Exclusives, you'll be getting videos and ideas sooner than the average YouTube subscriber!


We work with a lot of people with hip issues, so we're always discovering new exercises for your hips! 

If you go through one hip exercise video per day, you won't run out of something to try for over six months!

It's like being at Upright Health.

A session at Upright Health costs between $130 and $300. And that's assuming we can get you on our schedules! 

Not everyone who wants our help can be here with us, but that doesn't mean we don't want to help, and it doesn't mean you can't get ideas to help you make progress! 

We're constantly experimenting with our own bodies and learning from the experiences of our clients. We're learning all the time, and we want to share that with you!

You'll learn lessons from the front lines without ever having to leave home!



Thanks again for making that lats video… it was very, very helpful, and I genuinely appreciate you guys taking the time to do that stuff!

Upright Insider

What people are saying about Upright Health

John Doe UI/UX Designer
 This frees me to focus my mental energy on my work without worrying about whether my body is going to be the limiter in the productivity or enjoyment of any given day or week!"
I started feeling significantly more in control of my body after just a session or two, and have now been going to Upright Health for over a year with increasingly better results.
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer
I flew to Palo Alto from NYC and within the first session, I already noticed I was walking better. By the end of 4 sessions, I was able to hike the Grand Canyon with very little pain. After a couple more sessions in Redwood City two months later, I built up to deadlifting 120 pounds (more than my body weight), squatting with 50 pounds, and I am now easing back into doing burpees and other intense exercises I’ve missed for so long! I can’t thank the team at Upright Health enough for giving me my life back!


There are no gimmicks here. Just sign up and see if you like having access to hundreds of exclusive videos! 

If you don't like the videos, send us an email in the first 30 days, and we'll refund the first month's fee. 

If you like being an Upright Insider, just stick around, and you'll be billed $8.95 a month.

And you cancel at any time through your member dashboard or by sending us an email.

$8.95 a month gets you a HUGE library of exercises plus exclusive videos that nobody else gets to see!


You are fully protected by our Upright 100% Guarantee. If you don't learn something new or find a new perspective that changes the way you see your knee, hip, shoulder, or back, just cancel your subscription in the first 30 days. We'll refund your purchase - no problem.

Keep your goals front and center.

Whatever your goal is, it's important to surround yourself with examples of people who are actively engaged in your same quest! 

At Upright Health, we're always challenging ourselves and our clients to move better.

We're always looking to improve our strength, control, and range of motion.

We're always trying to find our own weaknesses - trying to improve on the things we can improve on. ​

When we find new exercises for ourselves and for our clients, we want to share them with you! ​

Watching our exclusive videos helps keep you focused and inspired to keep you moving forward!  ​

Get Access to Hundreds of Videos to Inspire You.

Whether you're a professional trying to help others or a regular guy or gal working to solve your own problems, our videos are here to help you!

We're on a mission to help you and everyone we come into contact with. The Insider Library will help you learn new exercises to move and feel better at a fraction of the cost of training with us one on one.



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