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Upright Health is dedicated to helping people eliminate the fear, anxiety, and physical limitations that come with chronic pain.

In our training studio in Redwood City, we work collaboratively with our clients to help them overcome injuries, chronic pain, and muscle imbalances with a blend of flexibility, mobility, and strength training.

On our popular YouTube channel and blog, we make musculoskeletal and orthopedic research accessible and understandable so people can see that surgery is not the only (or the best) option for aches and pains.

We strive to share all that we learn so that the whole world has the opportunity to move better and feel better.

Since 2007, Matt Hsu (pronounced "shoe") has been helping people beat pain and get strong.

His own battle with chronic pain from the age of 16 in his feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, and head gives him a uniquely thorough understanding of musculoskeletal pain, the ways in which it can undermine an entire life, and the mental and physical hurdles that keep people from getting out of it.

Matt has helped executives, managers, and programmers of top Silicon Valley companies including Facebook, Apple, Google, and Quora. He's worked abroad with key people at various top level banking, legal, and large retail firms in Hong Kong as well as with motivated individuals in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He's worked with Navy SEALs, former and current pro athletes in the NFL and MLB, physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and with a wide range of business owners, moms, dads, weekend warriors, and hardcore desk jockeys.

He co-created the FAI Fix, the world's first online program dedicated to helping people beat hip pain attributed to femoroacetabular impingement without surgery. He has been a driving force behind multiple online programs - like the Shoulder Fix - that have helped thousands of people improve their mobility and get their lives back. 

Matt also spends a great deal of time poring through and critically reviewing medical research to ensure that his ideas and recommendations are based on solid reasoning. His perspectives give hope to people in pain.

When not at the office or at the gym lifting weights or doing some kind of exercise, he's reading, dancing, and trying to extricate himself from the addictive tendrils of the internet.

Matt Hsu orthopedic personal trainer, rolfer, posture specialist

Matt Hsu

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, Graduate of Egoscue University Posture Alignment Specialist Program, Graduate of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute

Vincent began his journey in health and fitness as a competitive powerlifter. Using his single-minded work ethic, he soon rose to set new California records in his weight class. Yet not longer after, he found himself hitting a wall.

Though able to lift jaw-dropping weights with ease, he also began struggling with chronic injuries. Despite being stronger and fitter than he'd ever been before, his quality of life was then at its lowest. This frustrated him to no end. At his worst, he could not even reach for the floor without feeling sharp pains shoot down his back.

Unsatisfied by the lack of effective solutions within mainstream advice, he turned elsewhere. His search for answers took him deep into human movement science. There, he has been diving further ever since. When not working with clients, he spends the majority of his free time on training and research. Relentless and analytical, he is always experimenting with ways to maximize reward and minimize risk.

Although his major powerlifting injuries are now a thing of the past, he's grateful for them. They inspired him to turn his focus towards resolving all movement issues - his own as well as his clients'. Fueled by his encounters with pain, he's acquired a vast toolbox to assist others with theirs.

Vincent believes that with enough hard work and smart work, anything is possible. He takes pride in helping his clients break down the walls that keep them from living the life they want to live. When not working on anything movement-related whatsoever, Vincent enjoys pursuing other self-development goals.

vincent personal trainer


B.S. San Jose State University; NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist; USPA Drug-Tested National Record Holder - Men's Open Division 114lb / 52kg

Trevor’s journey in personal training and movement improvement began with a shoulder injury. While playing collegiate football he sustained multiple shoulder dislocations that led to shoulder labral tears. He navigated the medical system for years with physical therapy, surgery, and more physical therapy but was never able to return to the field. As a result of his experiences, he became obsessed with the anatomy and physiology behind human movement and graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology from San Francisco State University.

Thanks to years of study and self-experimentation, Trevor has been able to return to full capacity in multiple activities including powerlifting, gymnastics, Mixed Martial Arts, and basketball. He believes you should try everything once, because you never know what you are capable of or what will captivate you until you do so.

Trevor’s training philosophy begins with the premise that human movement should not be limited by injuries, postures, and patterns accumulated over one’s life. Everyone should have the ability to not only move through their daily lives unrestricted but also to enjoy movement in whatever endeavors they desire.

His goal with every client is to avoid cookie-cutter approaches and to implement the simplest, most appropriate strategies to aid them in achieving their personal goals.

Trevor is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine, a level one certified practitioner of the Functional Movement Screen, a Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting, and is a certified trainer through GMB Fitness.

trevor personal trainer


B.S. San Francisco State University; ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Movement Screen Lvl 1, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, GMB Certified Trainer

Mitch’s interest in human movement began as a collegiate basketball player. During this time he ran into lower back issues — at times unable to walk or sit without debilitating pain. After receiving ineffective and frustrating advice, he knew he had to learn how to fix himself.

Now, without even a thought to back pain, he currently pursues rock climbing, hand balancing, and dance. He moves his body in ways he never thought possible.

From solving his own back pain, he’s developed an understanding of how the body works, and he applies that knowledge to help train others out of pain. He's passionate about addressing the factors that lead to dysfunction of the body and developing preventative measures to help people enjoy their lives without fear.

As someone who was always stiff, he fully understands the physical and mental challenges of improving flexibility and mobility. 


B.A. Sonoma State University; ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, FRC Mobility Specialist 

In his early-to-mid-twenties, Maks suffered from debilitating and chronic hip pain that severely impacted his quality of life. After getting an MRI, he was diagnosed with femoroacetabular impingement and a labral tear in his right hip. He was told the only way to relieve his pain was through arthroscopic hip surgery.

Maks did not buy it and in 2014, he got on the path out of pain as an Upright Health client. He successfully avoided hip surgery and reclaimed functioning in his hip that he never before thought possible.

Once Maks began learning the principles of healthy movement, he began troubleshooting other areas of pain in his back, ankles, feet, neck and shoulders. He quickly realized that all these chronic pain issues were a product of a sedentary lifestyle and life-long habits of poor movement function.

These experiences triggered a passion for movement and Maks decided to leave his career as an attorney to help people suffering like he had. He felt an obligation to share these realizations with others and takes pride in supporting clients to overcome their chronic pain roadblocks. He is addicted to learning and loves sharing his knowledge of movement with others who are searching for a healthier and more mobile body.

He implements principles from functional and natural movement to teach clients how to understand their bodies and discover what is actually behind their pain and dysfunction. Maks is a nature junkie. When he’s not evaluating clients’ movement patterns, he's exploring his own movement capabilities in the great outdoors.


B.A. University of Massachusetts Amherst;  J.D. Touro Law Center;  NASM Certified Personal Trainer; MovNat Level II Certified Trainer

Chris was a highly competitive wrestler in high school and wrestled for various club teams in college.

After a few years off from grappling he found Jiu Jitsu in 2011. It was in these Jiu Jitsu years Chris started to notice shoulder issues, particularly loss of mobility in the overhead position. As time went on this became a big hindrance to his Jiu Jitsu practice and daily life. 

As his troubles got worse, he met Matt and Trevor. With Trevor’s help, Chris learned how to activate and strengthen muscles to fix his shoulder pain and increase mobility for Jiu Jitsu. 

He now takes the principles he learned from trapping people in painful positions to help his clients untrap themselves from their painful positions. In addition to training clients toward their movement goals, Chris is the man behind-the-scenes keeping UprightLIVE up and running during the live streams. 

Chris is also an avid outdoorsman. In a post-apocalyptic scenario, Chris would lengthen Upright Health’s total survival time by at least two full months. If you don't find him in the office you might find him by a river or deep in the mountains with the pack of wolves that raised him.

Chris Sposeto

ACE Function First Pain-Free Movement Specialist

Brazilian jiu-jitsu Purple Belt 

Josh believes that quality movement patterns and strength lead to higher quality of life. As a personal trainer, he has helped everyone from soccer moms, managers, and casual athletes get stronger, reclaim proper movement and posture, and become more confident in every day life.

Over years of training and as a result of his own battles with pain from poor movement patterns, Josh has become more and more focused on helping people with chronic pain, poor posture, and muscle imbalances. He is constantly refining his knowledge of postural deviations, corrective exercise, and proper movement patterns so that he can understand and help people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

He currently focuses his own physical training on animal movement flows, calisthenics, and gymnastics-related movements. He's hugely influenced by the work of Ido Portal.

Josh played for San Francisco State University’s NCAA Div. II basketball team and was exposed to athletic movement on the court, track, and field, as well as in the weight room. He was fascinated by the art and science of training the human body and dives into the field as much as he can by reading books, blogs, and watching videos constantly.

In 2013 he assisted with the Strength Training Program for the San Francisco State Track & Field team. In 2014 Josh spearheaded the Fix Lordosis Project and redesigned it in 2016 as
The Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt Program. His program has helped people around the world relieve stubborn back pain and hip issues that result from anterior pelvic tilt.

Josh personal trainer


Upright Trainer Emeritus - Find him at Strengthside.com

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