Is your body aching from sitting in front of a screen all day? 

This simple program will stretch and strengthen the right muscles so you feel good again.

You sit at a computer for more than seven hours a day, and everything feels stiff, tight, and annoyed.
Your knees hurt. Your butt hurts. Your back hurts. Your wrists hurt. Your shoulders hurt.
You want to find a way to get rid of your pain so you can get your life back!

I suffered with chronic pain from sitting for years. 

I'm Matt Hsu from Upright Health. My sitting pain started in high school, and it just got worse and worse over time. 

My hands and wrists hurt. My hips hurt. My shoulders hurt. My knees hurt. My posture sucked.

And it seemed like there was nothing I could do about any of it. 

I eventually learned how to beat my aches and pains. Now I've made it my life's mission to help you do the same.

It wasn't easy, mind you. It was actually a long, grueling process. I bounced from doctor to doctor, chiropractor to chiropractor, massage therapist to acupuncturist. You name it - I tried it! 

First it was my back. Then it was my knees. Then it was my hip. Then my shoulder. Then my wrists. Then my elbows. Then my knees again. Then the feet. 

By the time I was twenty-five, my entire body was hurting.

All the advice I got was failing me, and my body was paying the price! Everyone kept telling me to rest. So I took the advice and kept resting and resting. I tried to type less. I tried to exercise less. I took pain pills, and still everything got worse...





...I work in tense surgical situations. I need to be extremely detail-oriented without losing sight of the bigger picture for my patients. That’s something I need to do well, and it’s a skill I recognize in others.

I believe in what Matt is trying to accomplish – promoting a perspective that helps others heal in a safe and holistic way. I give Matt my highest recommendation as a man of character and compassion, and I support his mission without reservation.

~Nathan Waxer, D.O.

SITTING PAIN can be frustrating because it seems impossible to understand!

Pain from sitting seems like it can come and go for no reason!

As I struggled with my aches and pains, I had a lot of trouble seeing rhyme and reason in all the pain. There didn't seem to be clear patterns to what I was experiencing. None of the health professionals I saw could tell me why everything seemed to be getting worse and worse over time.

The problem was that nobody was looking at the big picture. Everyone was looking at different body parts hurting. They weren't seeing the real reasons why it was all happening at once!

The first thing you need to understand is that there is a pattern to pain from sitting! And you can solve your body's problems once you understand that!

KEY FACT: Lack of movement leads to pain

Can pain really come from a lack of movement?

That sounds so over-simplified, doesn't it? It sounds like there should be something MUCH more complicated!

Maybe it's because your bones are breaking down. Maybe it's because you pulled a muscle way back in the tenth grade. Maybe it's because your parents drank diet soda when you were in the womb! Maybe it's a lot of things.

But the key to any problem is to find the simplest theory that explains the most phenomena AND that gives you an actionable plan.

The simplest explanation for the body-wide aches and pains is that your body is getting "frozen" in place!

And this fact is obvious when you stop and think about it.

A simple example

fist with tense muscles

Imagine what would happen if you taped your hand up into a fist. For eight hours. When you untaped your fist, how would the fingers feel?

Stiff! A little tough to move at the very least! And you know what? It'll feel like a relief to move those fingers!

Imagine what would happen if you taped your fingers up every day, eight hours a day, for eight years! Fifteen years! Thirty years!

Sitting in a chair is exactly the same. You're not taping yourself into position, but your entire body is stuck in the same position for hours and hours a day over the course of years.

And then things get really tricky because you find it harder and harder to move over time!

Once your body hurts, you don't want to move...

Muscles get weak.

Muscles get stiff.

Muscles get confused.

When you lock muscles in the same positions and patterns, they lose the ability to relax and contract properly. This can make them feel rock solid!

After they've been dormant for a while, some muscles can feel like they simply can't be activated! You want your glutes to fire, but they just won't fire when you want them to!

You're stuck in a cycle of discomfort. 

to beat sitting pain, you have to train muscles. Period.

People will tell you all kinds of things. 

Stop moving. You're just old. Don't use your body or it'll hurt more. 

And others will tell you the opposite. MOVE SO MUCH THAT IT HURTS. PAIN IS GOOD.

It's not an easy road with these conflicting messages. 

The truth is: there are a lot of things for you to learn. There are a lot of stretches you have to learn. There are a lot of exercises that can help you. There are a lot of exercises that aren't worth your time. It really depends on you as an individual.

To give you an idea of how much work I've put into learning about how to beat pain, you should know that I film videos to give as homework to clients that I work with. 

To date, my team and I have filmed videos of about 50% of all the exercises we've ever learned (we're obsessed like that). We have over 300 exercises in our library - that affect the hips ONLY! 

It took me years - more than 10 years! - of trial and error to really understand sitting pain and how to beat it. It took me countless hours, days, and weeks to figure out how to interpret pain and how to start beating it.

And when I realized that other people were suffering, I knew I had to figure out how to help others with this same problem. 

i created the sitting solution to help you.

quad stretch for standing desk users

Get ready to stretch...RIGHT.

The most important thing you can do is start moving in careful, safe ways. Start addressing stiff, weak parts of your body. Start restoring mobility that you've lost over the years! The Sitting Solution is designed to help you do exactly that!

Clients we've seen at Upright Health have a long list of common complaints. They have the wrist pain, the back pain, the shoulder pain, the stiff hips, the tweaked knees, and the other random irritations that make life miserable.

Whether it's your hands, your shoulders, your back, your hips, or your knees, we have probably seen it before, and we've got exercises that target muscles to start to relieve your discomfort.

Will this system solve EVERYTHING?  No. That's impossible. But this program is designed to help you get moving again on the right path again! 

What can you expect from this program?


The exercises are simple. 


15 exercises that address common issues from sitting.


Video instructions are included with all the exercises.

A friend referred me to Upright Health because my left shoulder was in a constant spasm and the fingers of my left hand were going numb...

MRIs had indicated I had cervical spine pathology, and three different doctors I consulted with expected that surgery would be the only solution and there was not much else I could do.

Matt listened to the information the doctors had given me, understood my concerns, and presented me with a very different perspective from what I had already heard. What was most notable was that he had clearly already considered the other perspectives on my issues and had very well-reasoned notions about why the traditional perspectives may have arisen and how they may be misleading... neck and hand barely ever bother me anymore. This frees me to focus my mental energy on my work without worrying about whether my body is going to be the limiter in the productivity or enjoyment of any given day or week!

Adam //  CEO and Co-founder of Quora, Inc.

I came to Upright Health with chronic pain in my upper back, neck, and shoulders from years of slumping in front of computers...

I had been to physical therapy multiple times, tried acupuncture and a chiropractor, and spent lots of time with a massage therapist. A couple of the physical therapists were really good and got the pain to stop – but then they would pronounce me “done” – and a month or two later the pain would return. Clearly, I needed to make long term changes to what I was doing to my body.

I am so much stronger everywhere, especially in my upper back, and I can dead lift 150 pounds. My shoulders are no longer stuck in a forward slump and they move like they’re supposed to.

When my body starts to hurt, I can identify what I’ve done to bring it on and what to do on my own to fix it.


I had been challenged by hip mobility for many years as the result of an inflammatory condition. Pain was just part of a typical day – which was incredibly draining."

I had a significant improvement in flexibility and reduction in pain, and the ongoing impact as I practice these moves is life changing. Can’t recommend Matt and Upright Health enough to anybody with similar hip and back related pain/mobility issues.

Tom  //  

sally senior age personal training client

"At age 77, going to Upright Health was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

I once bought into the view of myself as an extremely elderly, out of shape adult. Now I see that I’ve gained much more strength, at my age, than I even thought possible. Things that used to be hard, like walking up and down stairs, are getting easier and easier.

My balance has noticeably improved. Even bending over to scoop up poop on my dog walks is easier!My message: don’t wait until you are nearly 80 to begin working with Upright Health. It’s way better if you start much earlier. But even if you wait until your late 70s, as I did, it’s incredibly helpful! I’d encourage you, at any age, to go for it!


You can do this at any age.

The Sitting Solution is geared towards beginners who need to start learning how to move again - no matter how old you are!

The oldest client I've ever worked with was 93 years old at the time. He had some pretty major hip issues. He had already had a hip replacement, and his doctor told him that all he had to do to get better was "walk." Months of walking left him a bad limp and the sense that his body was getting more and more out of balance.

It took us only two sessions to drastically improve his stability and make his hips feel stronger again. You just need to make sure you hit the right muscles!

You can do this wherever you are.

The program is designed to be done in the comfort of your home. You may need a few tools here and there, but you don't need to have a full gym to work through the exercises in the Sitting Solution!  

This is a simple way to start reintroducing movement to your body and undo the stiffness from sitting all day!

You can do this and know that it will work for you.

Not a lot of things in life come with guarantees. But the Sitting Solution does. It's guaranteed to help you move and feel better. If it doesn't you get your money back so you can get the help you need.

Now, let's be clear. Not all 15 of the exercises are going to feel like magic bullets. But I know you're going to find at least a few that really unlock big pieces of your body!

Start the program...

  • relieve stiffness in your hips
  • build strength in your shoulders
  • reduce forward head posture
  • build strength in your butt
  • relieve wrist and forearm discomfort

...or stick with status quo?

  • Hips stay stiff
  • Shoulders stay weak and tense
  • Butt stays weak and flabby
  • Wrists and forearms hurt
  • Posture continues to get worse


Here's what you get

  • The Sitting Solution eBook PDF as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD (no waiting for shipping!)
  • Fifteen exercises that you can do at home, at the gym, and at the office to make your body feel ALIVE again
  • FREE videos to help you do EVERY one of the 15 exercises properly! (16 videos total)
  • Practical advice to help you finally make progress with your posture, your butt, your hands, your shoulders, etc.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a hard copy available?

Will this work on my computer or phone?

Will this help me with my medical problem?

How often will I need to exercise?

Will this solve ALL my posture and pain problems?

 the sitting solution is affordable

If you work individually with an Upright Health coach, you have to commit to at least one month of sessions. That will cost a minimum of $550. 

And that's if you can get in with one of us. 

We know not everyone can afford that. We know that we don't have enough hours in the day to help EVERYONE. 

That's why we made this program affordable for just about anyone. 


One-time charge for lifetime access (no recurring subscription billing)


We want happy clients and happy students. If you try this program and feel it isn't a good fit for you, just use our contact form for a full and prompt refund.  It's that simple. 

100% satisfaction guarantee

Secure payment

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