I really appreciated the roll and release program. I have been using a foam roller and tennis ball to release tight spots for years but was looking for a more detailed guide to self myofascial release. 

A few of the exercises I had never tried before and they were really tight the first time rolling them. Thank you for providing this course for free and continue the good work!

~Matt K.

Imagine being able to give yourself a massage when and where you need it!

This video course will introduce you to 9 self-massage exercises to loosen up common problem areas for the modern man or woman.

It's simple. All you need is a foam roller and a lacrosse ball or softball. Any web browser on any device will play the videos in this course.

And it's free. To learn this content from us in a one-on-one session would take about an hour of instruction and cost you over $130. 

We're giving this course away for free so you can start making progress today! (And if we ever end up working with you, we'll want you to have tried this stuff already!)

‚ÄčThis program is 100% free with no strings attached! No credit card info, no gimmicks. Just setup your login profile and enjoy!