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Spend one day in this room to achieve confident, healthy posture...

This is the only workshop in the world that teaches you all the tools you need to completely transform your

anterior pelvic tilt and hunchback /kyphosis problems ... LIVE AND IN-PERSON!


I flew from Indianapolis to Redwood City to meet the staff and attend a posture clinic.


The posture clinic was a way to solidify the things I had been learning and meet the great team. Matt, Trevor, and Vincent are three amazing dudes with an incredible amount of knowledge and charisma. I worked one on one with all three in the clinic and each of them helped me with mental cues and modifications/fixes to exercises to help me move better.

I’d gladly attend another seminar and would love the privilege to work with any of them again. Top notch facility and content. Thanks guys!





Matt Hsu orthopedic personal trainer, rolfer, posture specialist

Hi, my name is Matt Hsu. I’m the founder of Upright Health.

For over a decade, I’ve helped people beat the odds when it comes to repairing their bodies, escaping chronic pain, and regaining their old strength and mobility.

All without any drugs, surgery, or special equipment.

Suddenly my shoulders and neck were in the correct position and I felt inches taller. 

I started seeing YouTube videos from Matt and thought he had a great approach to pain issues. I had been diagnosed with shoulder impingement. I couldn’t really raise my arms, and I had curtailed working almost to nothing. At that point I had tried orthopedic doctors, cortisone injections, PT, chiropractors, and another posture exercise program.

I was finally able to connect with Matt. He had me do several things including watching me walk, squat, and just stand while he observed. His diagnostic abilities are uncanny. He mentioned things that I had noticed (e.g. high right shoulder and hip also rotated hips) but no one else seemed to think it mattered.

Matt had me do a set of exercises to address my whole body not just my shoulder. Lo and behold, after two weeks I experienced some relief. With his guidance, after 10 weeks I was able to run a mile. I am 64 years old and had really never run in my life. I loved it. Suddenly my shoulders and neck were in the correct position and I felt inches taller. I could reach for anything without pain!

Yes, you have to do the exercises and put in the time, but it’s the best I have felt in years. You owe it to yourself to seek out Matt and his expertise. I’m very grateful I found Upright Health.”

~Christa G.

“I am virtually pain free and am almost entirely off of any pain medication.”

I came to Matt Hsu as a last effort to help me with my severe back pain. I have been hospitalized twice due to several blown discs in my lower back. I have tried physical therapy, chiropractors, acupuncture, and massage therapy and nothing helped me for longer than a day. I was on heavy medication several times a day including morphine and muscle relaxers which only took the edge off.

Matt found several postural issues that I had and identified weakness in my legs and ankles. After doing several exercises which Matt designed specifically for my issues and paying more attention to my posture and lifting techniques, I am virtually pain free and am almost entirely off of any pain medication. Matt has changed my life.

~Tommy P.

big news for your bad posture

The Upright Health team and I have put together a live, in person posture clinic that teaches people how to dramatically improve their posture and keep it that way.

  • If you find yourself constantly hunching your shoulders protectively whenever you meet new people or get stressed (and you hate how that looks!)

  • If you can’t seem to stop yourself from stooping forward when you’re at your desk or on your phone and you know it’s affecting your neck

  • If you can’t seem to sit comfortably no matter what “ergonomic” gear you buy to make things better.

  • If you feel like you’ve been “shrinking” due to bad posture and you want to fix it.

  • If you’re in frequent pain because of the way you sit or stand.

  • If you’re suffering from anterior pelvic tilt or kyphosis...

We created this event specifically for you.

Vincent, demonstrating the classic Silicon Valley "productivity posture." 

I understand where you're at. I've lived in that hunchback!

Back in the days before I learned how I could hack my body to fix what ailed me, good posture was a shiny unreachable dream.

I’d square my shoulders, stand tall, pull my neck back, but the MINUTE I looked at my phone or started working on a laptop, my body would hunch like it was going out of style.

I knew I was doing it. I hated how it made me look and feel. But, I just couldn’t stop - even though I knew it was causing my pain in the long run. 

My aching lower back, the weird pain around my hips, and the pent up tension around my shoulders were all the telltale signs I needed…

I couldn't even take a full breath because my posture was so compromised. 

Some days it even felt like I was being judged for my bad posture. (Low self esteem, creepy, weak...there’s a long list of bad assumptions that comes with the territory.)

I saw this effect everywhere. In the women I was interested in, potential clients, even members of my own family.

I can’t tell you how much that hurt.

It felt like I was being judged without even getting a chance to prove myself. It felt unfair and in the long run all these judgements affected the person I became.

Let me tell you. No one deserves to be in that position.

That’s why this is so important to me - and that’s why we created a workshop JUST for fixing hunchback posture and anterior pelvic tilt - live and in person.

What are we teaching at the Redwood City Posture Clinic?

When we're done with you, you’ll have all the principles you need to have the flawless posture you want. With practice. patience, and persistence, you'll be able to create posture that will exude confidence, competence, and control.

Fair warning. If you’re in pain, we CAN’T promise you’ll walk out of this event pain free. Sadly we can’t poke a few pressure points, burn some sage, and erase your pain forever. 

But here’s what we're committed to:

If you’re experiencing posture related pain (lower back, shoulders, etc) you’ll be walking away with a toolkit designed to help you fight back.

While this isn't a magical *quick fix* for EVERYTHING, some people will experience immediate relief after just one session of exercise with us.

If you pay FULL attention at this event, take notes, and follow the system we’ll be teaching you - you WILL see (and feel) results in the long run. 

don't register for this posture clinic...

Not yet. 

See we don’t have much space available. When you attend, we want you to get EXACTLY what you came for and MORE. That means attendance will be extremely limited.

We keep our class sizes small. Real small. That means we want you to be 100% sure you're a good fit for this workshop.

DO NOT register for the posture clinic if you expect mind blowing results without having to put in the effort. This is a workshop event. You will be expected to participate, grow, and forge your own path to a newer healthier body.

DO NOT register if you’re not coachable, open to feedback, or you have a habit of shooting things down without even trying them. This takes valuable time away from other participants. We can show you what’s worked for hundreds of clients, but if you never try it - no one can help you improve.

DO NOT register if you won’t be fully present. If you know you have a call, other overlapping responsibilities, or know that you will otherwise indisposed. If you’re going to be at this event, we want you to walk away with a full bag of results and techniques, not a handful of half remembered soundbites.

If that’s not you…

And you’re fully motivated and committed to doing whatever it takes to make your posture woes disappear for good…

Then you can click below to register now.

Keep These things In Mind...

This is a FIVE HOUR event…

If you were to try to book any of us for 5 hours, it would cost you over $900. At our Posture Clinics, you'll get access to multiple members of the Upright Health team (I'm not personally at every single one) -- for an entire afternoon - maybe even longer. And it costs less than it would cost to do ONE session with me (yes, I am expensive). 

We could probably charge a lot more for this workshop. But that’s just not in the spirit of what we do. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. We’re not in this just for money.

That's why we don't accept just ANY client. That's why we teach so much for FREE on YouTube. That's why we literally give away information whenever we can. We love what we do, and we want to spread knowledge to people who really want this information. 

And what we do works - and people refer their family and friends to us because they know that.

We're in this to make life better.

We're in this to give people control of their bodies.

We’re in this to give people their lives back.

So if you've been holding back on getting hands on training with us, if you're fighting with hunchback posture or pelvic tilt control problems, and if you can get yourself to our headquarters in the Bay Area, join us so we can show you how to help yourself. 

April 24, 2020


609 Price Ave #103

Redwood City, CA 94063

If our enrollment system shows no availability, the course is sold out.