Want to learn how to fix your anterior pelvic tilt?

What Is Anterior Pelvic Tilt And Why Do I Need To Fix It?

Anterior Pelvic Tilt is what happens when the top of your pelvis “tips” forward. You can also think of it as the front of your pelvis dropping down towards the floor.  

If you imagine your pelvis as a bowl holding water, the water would spill out of the bowl in front of you.

The results of Anterior Pelvic Tilt can distress the WHOLE BODY.

Anterior pelvic tilt is often accompanied by tight hip flexors and tight lower back muscles. Everyone knows that.

But the symptoms can go beyond that you. You can experience  hip pain, back pain, and knee pain. You may notice that you're unable to fire your abs properly. Your back may always get sore after various exercises.

The list goes on and on. 

Do you want a simple, straightforward, and effective way to help yourself?

That’s why we created the Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt program.

The Upright Health team has all struggled with anterior pelvic tilt. We work with people who have anterior pelvic tilt every day.

And we have found methods to correct these issues through proper training and proper principles.

It turns out that different methods work for different people. We are not all the exact same! 

So we set out to create a program that reflects that.

Who We Are

We’re Matt Hsu and Josh Hash, and we’re two trainers who help people all over the world. We help people tweak their training programs to improve posture, reduce pain and discomfort, and get healthier and stronger. We’ve helped hundreds (if not thousands!) of people with anterior pelvic tilt, and we wanted to create a cost-effective program to help more people with their anterior pelvic tilt problems.

Both of us have struggled with anterior pelvic tilt issues, though our stories are a little different.


I kept getting back pain every time I did heavy lifting. Squatting and dead lifting kept making my back hurt for days or weeks. I didn’t know what was wrong. I thought I was following all the right instructions and cues for lifting heavy weights by keeping a really strong arch in my lower back. But for some reason my lower back kept on hurting, and my knee would bug me on and off.


I had a bunch of sports injuries coupled with chronic pain in my hips, knees, feet, back, shoulders, hands, and wrists. I was told to just rest and rest and rest. I got so out of shape that I felt like my belly (which wasn’t actually that big!) was just hanging forward over my belt line. My knees felt really unstable, and I just didn’t feel comfortable in any position - whether I slouched into a seat or sat up straight and tall like I thought I was supposed to.





The Situation Made Simple

Anterior tilt of your pelvis can be seen in static posture like when you are standing or sitting.

And it can also be seen in movements like squatting or bending over to pick something up off the floor.

Too much anterior tilt in any of these situations can be harmful to the body and can lead to acute injury or nagging aches and pains.

When this pattern is allowed to continue for long periods, you find it harder and harder to achieve a neutral pelvic position. Muscles atrophy or stiffen to maintain the same inefficient and uncomfortable position.

Many times you’ll experience this is a feeling of tightness or stiffness around the hips or pain in the low back. Your body doesn't feel good. Athletic performance suffers. Daily life gets harder. 

The solution is actually simple. Teach your muscles to do their jobs properly!

​But still, many people get stuck trying to fix their anterior pelvic tilt. They think about buying a special tool or doing hundreds of crunches or watching a million videos on the topic...

The tricky part to fixing anterior pelvic tilt is that people respond differently to different approaches and methods.

​Some people need more strength work, some need more flexibility, and some just need to consciously learn to control their pelvis position throughout the day. You cannot just use the same four exercises or cues for every single person with anterior pelvic tilt.

This is why the Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt program is different and why it has worked for so many different people.

​Our program teaches you to understand your own body and then determine which techniques are right for you and your own unique situation.

"The program is awesome, and I want you to know how monumental it has been for me. I feel like until I actually put in the time and effort to learn my own body, a lot of these concepts would not really click, at least for me. But your videos have helped guide me through this process so much and given me inspiration to keep tackling this and just be better all around - its great. 

It’s one thing to watch the videos and be like “hmm okay, I see," but that moment when I’m practicing a cue or movement and it just clicks and I understand how it works and what its supposed to feel like…those moments are straight up golden! So thanks for everything you do; you’re a big part of my successes."

- Hao Vu

A Solution Specific to YOU

There’s lots of information all over the internet. Some of it is good. Some of it is not. Some of it claims to work for everyone, everywhere, at all times. And most of it says “Do this list of exercises and you will be fixed”.

The truth is there’s no one magic exercise that works for everyone, everywhere, at all times.

Context matters.

This program boils everything down for you into simple, easy-to-understand ideas so that you can make smart, principled decisions. 

The exercises are just the tools to help you reduce your anterior tilt. We help you understand the principles first, then help you put together a program that works for your individual, specific issues. 

No two bodies are the same, so we created a program that will help you understand what YOU need.

Alex Keshek

​Cancun, Mexico

"I’ve b​een lifti​ng weights for about a year now, flipping from program to program without truly understanding midline stabilization or motor control. I found this program by accident and immediately started implementing their cues. I saw significant difference in all my movements, a​nd I also saw where my mobility re​strictions were. 

This program is the real deal because they approach posture and movement from a broad perspective - from pro athletes to older folks (no joke) - and know how to program routines for each. If you want to be the most efficient you can, look no further. These guys bring very complex ideas ​and break them down for you in easy to understand terms."

What's Included in 
the Fix Anterior Tilt Program?

This online video and PDF program will help you understand how to address your pelvic position and related movement patterns to help you establish a better foundation for all your activities.

This program walks you through your self-training/self-correction with easy and clear instructions for all the exercises. 

This program includes over 30 videos to systematically explain why anterior pelvic tilt happens and then show you the basic exercises, stretches, and techniques that can help you get aligned, healthy, and strong.

The program includes a printable PDF to help you plan and strategize in a principled, effective manner.

This product is instantly delivered in an online video course with a PDF workbook. You'll have instant access so you won't need to wait for shipping!

Johannes Becher, CEO of Getsurance.de

Berlin, Germany

You're doing a great job aiding people to combat APT and other postural issues!

I am a startup CEO from Berlin and your content has helped me a lot. APT is easy to understand on a theoretical basis, but it took me a lot of practice to properly activate all the related muscles and unlearn poor habits.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

​FAQs About The Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt Program

​What do I receive with this program?

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​How many minutes per day do I need to dedicate to this, and when will I see results?

​I have been inactive for a long time, can I still start this program?

​I’m an athlete who has struggled with Anterior Pelvic. Is this program for me?

​Can I do different stretches or exercises than the ones in the program?

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"I can't believe my physiotherapist never explained the reasons why I am doing the exercises.

It's totally true, all those exercises that I got only work if you understand the reason why you’re doing them. Once I understood I could correct my posture at all times, 24/7."

Sally B.



This program either helps you, or you get your money back so you can get the help you need. It’s that simple.

Try it for 60 days! If you don't feel like it helps you, just email us for a refund - and you'll get it without any hassles!