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Is massage and stretching wasting your time?

As personal trainers who work with people with injuries, we get a lot of clients who have been through countless therapists and doctors. They’ve been told that their muscles are too tight. They have to stretch more. They have to get more massages. They have to keep trying to chase away that tight sensation. The […]

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Upright Health Podcast

Beating pain with the right mindset

Welcome to the first ever Upright Health Podcast episode! Today’s topic: Beating Pain with the Right Mindset. If you approach pain from the wrong perspective, you’re guaranteed to live a life full of pain, pills, and increasing disability. Switch your perspective, and the results will improve drastically. Click below to listen to or download the […]

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Belief + persistence = success

It’s been almost ten years since a doctor told me that the pain in my knee was from old age and from using my knee too much. I was in my last year of college and had already been sitting on my butt for three years waiting for a shoulder injury and repetitive strain issues […]

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What caused my back pain?

One of the trickiest questions I get asked is “what caused my back pain?” Or variations on that theme like “what caused my knee pain/foot pain/hip to hike/shoulder to droop/back to curve?” It’s a great question, and the right answer seems like it should tell you what to do to fix the pain or alignment […]

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Don’t just listen to the experts

When you have a problem with your plumbing, you call a plumber. When you have a legal issue, you call a lawyer. When you have a pain or posture issue, you call me (shameless plug). But getting the help of an expert, especially with your body, doesn’t mean you get to go on auto-pilot. Quite […]

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Harry Potter and pain

I don’t read Harry Potter books, but I happened to stumble across this fantastic quote from JK Rowling in her book Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire.  I have no idea who says it or in what context, but I think it’s fantastic food for thought for those suffering with chronic or recurrent pain. […]

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Does form really matter when you’re running?

In running circles, proper form is a major point of discussion. Everyone talks about the right way to run, the proper stride technique, how your foot is supposed to land, etc. There’s enough to write a book…or two. I think form is extremely important too, and I think there is definitely value to honing your […]

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Posture is a window into your golf swing

I don’t golf, but I do know something about sports that require you to twist and turn (I play hockey, after all). And I’ve been saying for a while that muscle balance matters, no matter what activity is your life’s love. For you golfers, here’s an article that really drives the point home on posture […]

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